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A Letter to my 10-Year-Old Self
Dear Neva Florence,

I am writing you from the advanced age of 66 to tell you not to give up hope. There will be times in the coming years that you will want to curl up and slip into a fantasy world, but I assure you that things will get better. You will survive and you will have fond memories of your childhood in Blackwell, Oklahoma. Therefore, do not give up hope instead keep striving because eventually you will succeed.

Never consider your thoughts or ideas silly. Do not let anyone tell you that you are stupid or that your ideas are stupid. You are a talented individual with many creative ideas. Write about these ideas, even if it is only in a journal.

I know that one of your secret desires was to have a nickname. In the year 2002, on October 31, you will choose your own nickname when you join writing.com. You will choose the name Prosperous Snow, a combination of the meaning of your middle and first name. This is one of the best things you ever do because not only is this a good handle (you will learn what I mean as you grow older), but it is the secret name of your soul.

Many wonderful and depressing things will happen to you in the coming years. You cannot let the difficulties you encounter bring you down or lock you in a cycle of depression. If you find yourself falling into the darkness, then grab a hold of prayer and pray as if your soul and life depend upon it, because they do.

You will have an especially difficult time after your mother dies on November 29, 2012. This too shall pass, as long as you remember to pray and read the sacred scriptures. Never lose hope! If you find yourself in the sinkhole of depression turn to the Glory of God and a rope will appear to pull you to safety.

Your future self,
Prosper Snow aka Neva Florence Darbe
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