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My personal take on the media and the powers that be.
Whats going on?
I asked myself that after not looking at television for one week and realized that I wasn't feeling as depressed or brainwashed as I had been feeling, true so much was going on in the world the I couldn't help but not hear that a car and truck had a accident and the car flipped over, or syria is fighting and they are killing each other with chemical and convential weapons or there was a major earthquake and flood that killed mass people, of course I heard aboutthese thing, either thru word of mouth or flash's of information but the difference was I did not sit in front of the tv or focus my attention on the radio or sought out some writen material just to tell me how bad things are and you no I felt just a little bit better. Could it be with the saturation of advertisements for products that the media has become such a monster that it feeds or insatiable need to feel better about ourselfs by hearing about the lose to others. Have you ever went to a comedy show and the comic picks somebody out of the audeniance and jokes about them and everybody laughs yeah it may be funny but there is a old say which goes "the truth is often disguised in jokes", the next time you laugh at someones failure think about it, because it could be you. In this new age of information and technology we are loosing what we treasure the most, our humanity,and the media mass media knows it and is figuring every angle short of out right brain washing to control the individual for it's own purpose's. I realized something a little late in life, but better than never, there are three things that rule every aspect of human nature. Wealth,power and faith. Notice I said wealth not money because money is just a tool but if you have real wealth you will gain POWER. Power is not only the ability to move something by force it is the ability to control others and situations for a perticular purpose this is power, it has been said that true power come's from GOD alone but that's another thing to talk about, and finally faith. Faith is the ability to bring into the real world an idea or ideal that is beleived and acted upon in such a way to cause it to materialize much has been said and done for reliqious faith's, I guess you can say that is the true battle between good and evil, that is why it is so important to step back and look at things as they really are and not as "they" want you to see it. Sometimes it is good to push back from the table.
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