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My first and only concert.
In 1963, if I am remembering correctly 1963, I went to my first ever and only concert! I was so excited, there were four of us, my girlfriend and me, my sister and her friend. My sister drove us all to the "Astrodome" in Houston, TX. My favorite group of all time was in town! Can you guess who they were? If you knew me then you would not have to guess -THE BEATLES! I thought they were just the best thing around! Everyone I knew was hung up on Paul or John - me I was crazy in love with George! It was his eyes I think.

Priscilla and I had made all these plans, looking back on it now, it seems silly, but we were just so sure things would go the way we had planned it all out! We were just so sure - we made all kinds of plans, I wonder if she remembers, I don't even know where she is now - but back to my story.

When we found out that they were coming to Houston, we talked our parents into allowing us to go, it would be allowed if my sister and her friend took us and stayed with us. They agreed to take us - we were so excited! We really got busy with our plans then - we both filled out forms for Social Security Cards, mailed them off and waited anxiously for them to come in. We saved our money too. We were very secretive about our plans - no one but the two of us had any idea!

The big night came and we were ready - my sister and her friend, thought we were a little nuts, but we did not care, we knew what we were doing! When we passed their hotel we saw them waving out the windows! We got to the Astrodome and our seats were up in what we call the "nose bleed" section - very high up! I could see George clearly and I KNOW that he looked right at ME! We sang every song with them and screamed until we were hoarse! It was just a great experience, we all loved it, even my sister who did not even like the Beatles!

As the evening wound down, we knew we would have to make our move to carry out our plans, we tried - oh how we tried! Everyone was leaving and Priscilla and I pushed and shoved our way towards their dressing rooms, my sister was following us and trying to get us to stop, but we kept going, we were determined. We made it to where the dressing rooms were and were met by many, many other fans who seemed to have the same idea as us - and many cops who were just as determined to keep us all away!

We did not want to harm anyone - we just wanted to get into their dressing room, hide out, and stow away on the plane and go to England with them! That was not too much to do - we did not think so at the time. We really did our best - but the police were better than the two of us and we did not make it. We were prepared to go to England - we had our Social Security cards so that we could go to work once we got there - we did not realize at the time that Social Security is only in the United States. We just knew that the George and Paul would help us and look after us while we were there!

We were so disappointed but elated at the same time - we actually got to see them in concert and saw them waving out the windows. Every time I look at my Social Security card now I just have to smile and remember the time when our plans were just a little too unreal. But I KNOW that George looked right at me - way up in the "nose bleed" section!

It is a night that will never be forgotten!
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