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Job duties and detailed instructions for October NaNoWriMo Prep Challenge staff members.

The Judging Coordinator is responsible for recruiting judges, assigning Contest Rounds to the volunteers, compiling the lists of eligible entries and communicating that list to the judges in a timely manner, mediating/tie-breaking as required, and otherwise ensuring that judging is completed by the judges per the instructions below.

Once the Judging Coordinator has assigned the judges for the year, they need to be changed to Level 13 in the group so they may award prizes to the winners of their particular Contest Rounds. If the Judging Coordinator is unable to change the group level of the assigned judges, please contact one of the Prep Leaders and request that per the instructions, the Judging Coordinator be changed to Level 14.


After the noon cutoff following your contest date, the Leaders will email you the list of eligible entries.

1. Begin reading each entry. You are not required to read the whole thing. If it doesn't immediately grab your attention, move on.
2. Pick your top 5 or 6 entries in no particular order.
3. Send your list to your judging partner and negotiate to agree on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.
4. Discuss which judge will award what, then use Group funds to award:
--- the appropriate novel genre Merit Badge, a 1st Place Awardicon (99,000 GP ribbon) and 20,000 GPs to the 1st place winner.
--- a 2nd place Awardicon (98,000 GP ribbon) and 10,000 GPs to the 2nd place winner.
--- a 3rd place Awardicon (97,000 GP ribbon) and 5,000 GPs to the 3rd place winner.
NOTE: Awardicons may be awarded to items or to portfolios. When you notify the winners, ASK THEM if they want the awardicon on their item, and tell them that if not, it will be a portfolio awardicon. If not, or if you don't get a response within 48 hours, send them a portfolio Awardicon. The particular Awardicon given will be the WDC winner ribbon for the appropriate winner level; these are valued at 99,000, 98,000 and 97,000 GPs respectively. Use group funds to do so by selecting the Prep group from the dropdown list at the bottom of the Awardicon Shop.
5. Notify BrandiwynšŸŽ¶ of the winners so they can be recognized in the daily update email.

1. Please reach out to your judging partner within two days to discuss your schedule/conflicts that week.
--- Deadline: end-of-day WDC time on the Monday following your Contest Round date.
--- If you have trouble reaching your judging partner, please email the Judging Coordinator ASAP so a backup judge may be assigned.
2. Please send your top 5-6 picks to your partner within one week of your Contest Round.
--- Deadline: end-of-day WDC time on the Saturday following your Contest Round date.
--- You have no rules regarding how to select the entries. Just pick the ones you like best.
3. Please negotiate, select, award and submit your winners to Judging Coordinator.
--- Deadline: end-of-day WDC time on the Sunday following your Contest Round date.
--- If you can't reach agreement on the exact order of winners and need mediation, please contact Judging Coordinator ASAP.

As always, *Heart* THANK YOU *Heart* for volunteering. As enormous as this event has become, we could not pull it off without you, and I don't take your contributions for granted.
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