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by KAM
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Where did Anisa's dad take Anisa?
Chapter 3:Questions without answers
From my dad's house it is 1 hour and 30 minutes away. I could not believe my dad was actually "kidnapping" me. I sat in the car and just thought about how my dad abused my mom when he was married to her. I cried and text my mom
"mom are you okay? I am still alive, can you at least call 911?"
I looked over at my dad. He is now making $100 dollars and hour. He only gives my mom $100 a month! He never spent anytime with me.
"Hey nisa how is school" my dad said
"Good" I mumbled so he could not hear me
"Look I am doing this for your own good, that Ryan is not good for you. Are you still going out with him?" My dad asked
"No, I broke up with Ryan 2 weeks ago." I said to my dad rolling my eyes.
"Good" My dad said
I turned on my phone and my mom text me back
"I can't your dad will sue me for something stupid". (My dad is a lawyer)My mom text back
":( Okay mom I understand but I wish I could runaway" I text
"No,stay with him I am coming in the morning, I need to get sleep. DON'T TELL YOUR DAD I'M COMING."
"Okay but why are you coming?" I text back
My phone died,and I could not charge it.
We came to my dad's house he rushed me to my room, my room looked like I was 5 years old. Pinky walls, pink toys, pink clothes. I think the last time I been in here I was 5!
"Oh,honey that is not your room." My dad said
"Well who's room is it" I asked
"It is your old room, I talked to your mom about everything you liked and wanted so I gave you a new room."my dad said faking a smile
"Wait, how did you know that I was coming here?" I asked my dad
"Oh, I did not I was going to call your mom but when the Hospital called me.I deiced to come down and see you and... my dad trying to say.
"KIDNAP ME!"I screamed from the top of my lungs interpreting him.
"No, we made a deal you broke it". My dad said leaving to answer a phone call. I was in a room that I never seen before I was all dark and the door was locked.I went to a my "new" room it was awesome!I saw that Ryan was on Skype and so I skyped him
"Hey Ryan watcha up to" Ryan said
"Nothing just about to have physical therapy for my legs"He said
"What!I am so sorry!" I said
"It's okay I just want to know who did this to me" Ryan said
"I know, I promise I don't know Ryan." I said
"If you say so"Ryan said
"I promise " I said
"Well I have to go,the therapist is waiting for me" Ryan said
"Bye" Ryan said
"Bye" I said And hug up.
I went to charge my phone and my mom sent me a new text message
"I am going to ask your dad if we could try to work our relationship There is no way I can get you out of that house. I don't have any money,this is my only option." My mom text
"But he abused you, don't do this." I text back
"I can take it" My mom texted me
I over heard My dad talking on the phone
"I know what happened I did not know it would go that far. Why would you shoot that little boy, he could of died I did not pay $200 so that you you can get us in jail!Yea, I took her away from that hospital. The last thing I want is to get her hurt" My dad said talking on the phone
That sounded a lot like Ryan & I, who would my dad pay? How could my dad get in jail? How could I get hurt?There is something he was not telling me, I wanted to know. I went outside my room to talk to my dad. Before I could detective Derick was sitting with my dad
"Sir, yes I followed you here I need to talk to your daughter"Detective Derick said.
My dad pulled out something silver looking out of a drawer.
"No,GET OUT BEFORE I SHOOT YOU!GET NOW!Don't come back!" My dad screamed
"Sir, I just want to..." Detective Derick trying to say
"Anisa leave now! My dad said pointing the gun at me.
I knew he was drinking,I ran to my room locked the door and prayed that my mom would not marry him again. I think I was too late. I almost died today.Detective Derick knocked on my door, and handed me a card. "Call me whenever you are ready to talk". Detective Derick and left.
My dad came in my room and ripped the card in half
"You don't need to talk to him"my dad said turning off the
Something was different about my dad and I needed to know who he was talking to. Tomorrow I am going to have to see my mom beg for a relationship

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