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Rated: E · Lyrics · Romance/Love · #1956293
A song I wrote a few months ago about a broken heart.
At closing time just call a cab and pour me out the door,
Or lay me down behind the bar on a pallet on the floor.
Put my name on this bar stool and keep it warm for me.
And I'll be here tomorrow night to drown my misery.

'Cause I've got no place to go,
And all night to get there,
So, leave that bottle here with me.
And I'll just sit here with my good friend
Jack Daniels, and we'll talk about
My used to be.

When I got home tonight that house was dark and bare,
Her closets all were empty and she wasn't there.
She didn't even leave a note to tell me why she'd gone,
Or why, after all we had, she left me all alone.


Now, getting drunk won't ease the pain, or bring her back to me.
Right now Jack is all I've got, to keep me company.
We'll talk about the good times, cry about the sad.
We'll talk about my broken heart, and all the dreams I had.


She took my dreams and all my love, and left me here alone.
She left me with a broken heart, now all I had is gone.
That house is cold and empty. I won't be going there,
I've got no reason to go home, and no-one who will care.

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