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Soul mates; twin flames; fantasies; a love song

Thunder so strong we could feel it
Beneath our feet when we stood
Untrammeled power of ozone
Would make us one if it could
Connections we held in the protest
With youthful ideas in our minds
A friendship transcending its boundaries
A love with no knowledge of time

We have a soul connection
My Karmic lover girl
You said, "Let's pour confetti
Over a sleeping world"
The shooting stars are out tonight
I feel; I think; I know
The Universe adheres my plea
You hear it

A sentence withheld a confession
Deception was never our art
A cover, a fear, and a pretense
Still couldn't keep us apart
I'm begging for you to acknowledge
I'm asking the earth to reply
To all of my unanswered questions
I met you; I need to know why


Alluringly dazzling enigma
Beneath the aquatic ravine
Savior and guardian angel
Wrapped in the face of a queen
You freed me so I could protect you
Before dissolution began
But I was arranged for departure
You changed the original plan


Can't touch you; can't see you; I love you
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