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The road towards Hell can be an interesting one...
Gusty winds blew leaves down the road. The dark, deserted highway that no one had used for years. As she wandered down this road, she prayed for a saviour, someone to come and find her. But she knew it was no use. The pieces of asphalt that they out in front of her disappeared into darkness, and behind her, a thick wave of fog was closing in quickly. She began to run, only to realise it was futile; she would surely be consumed by the night before anyone would find her. She fell to the ground, crying about how no one would ever come down this road. Except for this one, faithful night, when an old, mangled car tore down it, heading for the town that it lead to. Where did it come from? Some say the nearby car depot. Others say hell’s personal gates. But whatever the real answer is, everyone knew that it was a bad sign to see the car. Even worse was if you chose to approach the car, and get in. It stopped near the girl, who quickly stood. As one of the doors opened, she was beckoned into the car, and knowing it was the only way she would ever leave that awful place, she took the ride.  Climbing in, the door shut and locked right behind her, trapping her inside the metal casing of the car. She instantly knew it was a bad idea, but was so tired, she just slumped asleep.

Waking up, she found herself in the pretty little village that the dead road led to. She was on a bench in a park, and as she peeled herself off it and stood up, she examined her surroundings. The place looked lovely, but suspicious. There was nobody around, despite the fact it looked like it was the middle of the day. She suddenly heard what sounded like a scream, only to pick up that it was actually a siren. Turning, she saw people running towards her. She bolted in the direction her legs were facing. Where was she? What was she doing here? And most importantly, why was she being chased? After moving for what felt like years in the same direction, she finally made it to a road, one that led out a set of open gates. She quickly moved towards them. She had almost made it out of the gates when she heard the sirens again. She knew they were getting closer, but if she could just get a little further… She hit a wall. Looking stunned, she looked directly where she had hit. It was the exit to the town, but she couldn’t walk through it. It was like an invisible force field. As she stood there, pounding on the wall, she saw the gates slowly close. She let out a shriek, but the gates closed with a clank, officially trapping her in the town forever. She was grabbed by the people that had chased her, and dragged away. The last thing she saw was a street sign. It said one word. Hell. That was the last thing she saw before everything went black.

A few days later, a young boy was walking along the same, almost deserted road the girl was on. Why were these people wandering this road? The answer to that, nobody knew. Even the people walking down it didn’t know. Suddenly, a car pulled up near the boy, and, like what happened to the girl, he was beckoned into the car. Also like the girl, he went. Sliding into the car, he shut the door and waited for something to happen. He heard the doors lock and the engine rev as it sped of down the highway. Pushing his head between the head rests at the front of the car, he looked out the wind screen as a dark, mysterious object loomed towards them. As the car got closer, the boy was able to identify that it was a gate, with two simple words written on it.

‘Hell’s Gates.’
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