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by KAM
Rated: ASR · Chapter · Mystery · #1958952
Will Anisa's mom make?
Chapter 5: The bad sound of laughter

I heard the police call for backup, next thing I knew there were a lot of policemen. They took me away and put me in the car.
NOTE:This is what happened to Anisa's while in the room with her Anisa's dad.

When Jacob lock the door he had the gun right next to him in the room. I reached over to pray to God to get me out of this mess. All I thought abut was my daughter who they probably took away for safety. I was getting ready to scream to make sure that everyone knew I was alive but
Jacob started to talk to me "Look I always loved you, I never knew how to show you that I did. This is not the best I know as soon as I come out they will put me to jail. I don;t want to go so I am going to stay in here until they come to get me. When they do they will see you on the floor because I am going to have to keep my words."
"No you don't have to, you will loose being a lawyer if you stop you won't get in that much trouble." I said trying not to cry.
He ignored what I said and started to look through his drawer. Jacob was looking for something .
"DID YOU TOUCH MY SOCK DRAWER?"Jacob asked starting to yell
"I don't know, why what is in there?" I asked starting to get suspicious
"You STOLE IT!" Jacob said and turned around to his drawer to pull out the gun
I reached over and toke the knife that was in my pocket,I stabbed him from the back.
I am so glad Anisa had that knife in my hands. She saved me, I took off running. Jacob unnoticeable came behind me and shot me in my leg. I fell down the stairs and that is all I can remember.

Thank you for reading please read chapter 1-4. For Chapter 6 please come back next Friday.
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