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People see what they want to. Some try to fix the world, some try to tear it down.
Dream on-- people see what they want to. Some try to fix the world, some try to tear it down. Some don't care, some care too much. We live in a world of fake people, that say one thing & do another. some get distracted on Face book, some only want you when there’s something to get. very rarely do people really see-with the heart--easy to say, harder to do. have a great week & may kindness find you. I*'m working on my life, family & maybe will find it in my heart to be able to write something worthwhile. going to take a vacation from the media world & enjoy the mountains...

The Winds of Fate
(Tarot 3) By DL Page, Jamie Winters, Spirit-writer, dddreamcat, Gypsy Fortune Windhorse * 7-11-13 to 9-26-13

The fool went to search for justice and clarity.
Judgment didn’t leave much to chance or disparity.

The High Priestess sought to promote the sense of intuition, in the shadow of the tower some living in intuitions…

The wheel of fortune turned toward the unity Of all beings while,
Comparing all the Fools, Pages, Knights, Kings and Queens.

The Hermit above watched from the mountain, as something
Appeared, it was The cup of aces above the fountain.
drawing folks close from near & far, some happy yet some scared.

They could finally understand what was happening that day. Some started to cry, others knelt down to pray.
Some lit candles and incense, some could not make sense.
The morning of the magic judgment started.
Many above would come below, to heal the broken-hearted.
Creatures of light, that were misty colored rainbow beans, looking for the ones stabbed with the ten of swords by those who choose to be mean.

Some had long gave up on hope, too many turned to abusers and dopes.
Victims and survivors both sinking on boats,
The wise ones held on & kept rowing faster to keep them afloat.
Love was thicker then blood for a chosen few, even less knew what to do.
The evil ones started to run. They knew inside this day would come…
They squandered their talents, resources & such,
Till heaven’s dragons tears cried out
To be continued…

Coming to a reality show near you!

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(find “There should not be yelling in a house
Unless there’s a fire--(Seen on Facebook)

“ And so the way they perceived things, were according to the faith & beliefs they held dear.
Some claimed to hold to a certain faith based system, yet they made their own rules, because it didn’t matter what you said you believed, if your actions showed the opposite…~~~
Next year advice for the lovelorn from Wanda Dara River-page & the Afterlife-group!~~~****^^^
Stay tuned Kiddies,more to come @ $Ta ta 4 now.

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