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Rated: 13+ · Review · Fantasy · #1960529
A person must decide whether to be a dragon of a human
for October The Chronicles of Dragon by Craig Halloran

"This is a fantasy novella designed for younger, newer readers,"  says Halloran in his explanation of this first book in the series.

The hero's choice in life is about remaining a human or becoming a dragon.

In the story there is a decision to be made and like any young person without much guidance there is a problem with how to make the decision.  And, there is the information needed to make the decision. The main character, Nath, has to find out what the life of a dragon is really like and what the life of a human is really like.  He is also spending time rescuing dragons from humans.  So, he is very busy.

Nath has a father he goes to see and in a clumsy effort to please him obeys, "with great Joy, father." is a quote from Nath that leads to sudden problems in the relationship between Nath and his father. 

In this fantasy you find dragons with special talents, treasure, dwarfs, orcs, magical swords, trolls, fairies, elves, a high priestess and wonderful descriptions of everyone and everything.

This series has many books.
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