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An extraterrestrial must abduct people for testing.
As an employee of The Harvesters, my job is to stay invisible. Knowing that, i think you can understand why i have always been afraid of the woman next door. She was the only human around for miles, and there was a lot we had to do without her becoming aware of our presence.

I felt like she was watching our every move, but that was probably just me being paranoid. In reality, she was probably just laying around watching romantic comedies, and occasionally going out with her much younger boyfriend.

You know, what most average, middle-aged, divorced women do. At least that's what the 'television' (as the humans call it) says. I don't get much time to bond with the human race. So, the only information i know about their lifestyles is by random programs i watch on 'T.V.' (another thing they like to call it).Which i mostly get to indulge in while placing a target for delivery in the living room.

You see, the house i stay in has a special roof which retracts, that way we can beam up a specimen. The ship then carries them up from the spot i placed them on the couch. After they make it up there, the roof comes back together and the ship disappears, like nothing ever happened. And I always place them in the same spot on the couch so we can keep the beam's coordinates exact. The driver of the ship has always appreciated me for that.

And something i also learned (while watching the T.V. and waiting for the driver) is that humans like to call our ships U.F.O's. Which apparently stands for Unidentified Flying Objects. I find that very humorous as well as comforting.

Because it seems like they still don't know much about us. All i know is the people on those U.F.O. programs like to call us aliens a lot for some reason, and they don't really even have much (if any) proof of our existence. Which is good because the less they know about our operations, the better.

And thankfully, tonight was the night i could put my worries of that woman by my house to rest forever. We were finally going to take her up for testing. One reason being we didn't want her filing a report of aliens in the neighborhood. It was already hard enough making sure she was asleep for every delivery we had to do.

We would have brought her up first thing, but we had too many high priority targets. And at the time we already had enough women up there to last a while. But now, we were running out of them and she was our most likely candidate. Being so close to our base of operations and all. So, my target tonight was none other than my neighbor.Ms. Emily Esteves of beautiful, Pleasant Hill Dr.
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