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Halloween Isn't a good time for a short vacation
Her mother named her Betty,
But her father called her Etty,
He said that she was a star,
Descended from a czar.

She didn't like Brie City,
She thought the people were too gritty,
That they were a bunch of snobs,
And stupid as doorknobs.

She didn't like her job,
She thought her boss was a slob,
Even though he was the mayor,
And a zillionaire.

She wanted three days all alone,
Three days away from home,
Spent in her happy place,
Away from the human race.

So on Halloween night,
She caught a midnight flight,
To the Island of Mosquito,
Where she eat a raw bonito.

Unable to stay awake,
She sat down by a blue lake,
Curled up on a pile of leafs,
And dreamed of Martian coral reefs.

She awoke at dawn,
Wading in a brackish koi pond,
Built under a climbing tree
In the City of Brie.

"Why can't I get out of town!"
She shouted with a frown,
As her temper grew hotter,
She wanted a sip of fresh water,
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