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Rated: E · Other · Comedy · #1961440
Using rhetoric to highlight the evils of chocolate.
Bin The Bar

The greatest evils within society are: terrorism, dreadful diseases and Cadbury's chocolate. We have all seen the effects of chocolate bars; one too many ruins lives. This can, should and will be stopped!

The greatest challenge in combating chocolate is retailing. Retailing has the power to tempt, to persuade and to feed on our addiction. Retailing must be stopped! But how? Government action plans to put the bar in the bin have failed – miserably. Healthy eating programmes at schools have failed. Putting up posters of the detrimental impact on health of too much chocolate have failed. And government's 'fit for life' free membership at gyms have failed. The only way to ensure a life free from the chains of chocolate is to remove the source. Yes, I'm talking about the ban of chocolate. This ban is both logical and right. A builder can't work without his tools. A soldier can't fight without a gun. A child can't become obese without chocolate. The answer is therefore simple; the solution is obvious.

Chocolate cannot just be ignored, it is alive and well and could be effecting your child. In the last ten years child obesity has soared with an outstanding increase by 55% with an increase of coronary heart disease by 46% and dental relating aliments by 43%.

This monster defies all science; worse than a microbe it cannot be treated with medication, but with will power. Will power to stand up and say 'No!' No more shall I allow advertisements to pollute my thoughts. No more shall I allow fellow humans to have hard earned produce stolen by gobbling trades. No more shall I say, 'No more' as my actions shall speak for me. I shall ban the evil, prevent it from entering innocent hands and end all television propaganda.

Let's face it, one chocolate bar is happiness for one moment, but one moment is not happiness for life.
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