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by JimS
Rated: E · Documentary · Crime/Gangster · #1962648
I am writing this in fright, and I'll do it every night. Don't you understand? Nope.
“Well, Beanie, here we are in the city.” Laura said as she and Beanie walked up the street to a buzzing metropolis.
“Yes, this setting is wonderful.” Beanie said while looking around awkwardly.
“Check, and we’re the characters, check, and now all we need is some kind of plot.”
“All I have to say is ‘this is all part of my plan’.”
“What part of this can be considered a plan?”
“The part that works.”
A cute dog walked up and sniffed Laura’s shoe.
“Ah, finally, it’s show time. I was afraid we would pass the word limit just talking. Now, let’s sit back and wait for the fruits of all my toiling.”
“Did all your toiling include this?”
The dog started squatting.
“Hmm, maybe. I am a genius after all.”
“The dog is pooping all over your plan.”
“That’s not my plan, that’s my foot.”
“…” Beanie somehow conveyed without using any kind of words which could be heard.
“And before you ask, yes, it is part of my plan.”
“Well, your plan stinks.”
“Blarg! I’m going to take a shower.”
Laura kicked the poo off and walked away. Beanie patted the dog on the head and it peed on him.
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