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Human Condition
Humanity: The fact or condition of being human; human nature

In our sheer humanity we are fairly simple…we are weaker and stronger than we can fathom. Hence, the reason for frustration within ourselves, when we find ourselves in either state, weaker or stronger than we expected, we are surprised. I wonder if we should be surprised…because we are just fallible human beings trying to navigate through this crazy mixed up world. This world brings us through many challenges and valleys- everyone’s life is similar in this way. It’s funny when we view someone else’s valleys or challenges- somehow they seem bigger than our own, but are they really?  I think that when we view other’s lives that we should have a certain measure of grace for them. When you are humble enough to see that you have challenges just like everyone else, you find love replaces any judgment you may have cast in your mind.

When someone is uncomfortable in a situation, the easiest thing to do is be judgmental. It requires effort to see your own humanity as well as that of others. It’s easy to say “if I were in their shoes I would do this or that” but let’s face it- you are not in their shoes! I have worked hard to raise non-judgmental children. This isn’t easy when they are bombarded with judgment all around them.  When you consider everything you see on television, most of it is very one sided. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that’s what makes the U.S. such a wonderful place. If we choose to decide our own opinions without outside influences, this is truly who we are. This should be embraced and cultivated.

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