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A brief bio of a character I wish to work into a story
         An orphan was found in the year 1944 drifting on a rather meticulously handmade wooden cradle-boat hybrid, off the coast of Australia at the age of two with only a tag engraved with a short passage "Dante Barquis - lone survivor of the men that once were the crew of the S.S. Nautilus". His caretakers did not take this tag as his birthright seriously but they left the boy with his true name. He was adopted only a year later, after spending some time in hospital nursery where a unnamed nurse refused to let the boy leave, by a young french couple, Charles-Melies Quillant and Amelie-Rousseau Quillant, who had come to Australia to escape a war-worn Europe.

         Charles  and Amelie Quillant were a strong influence in young Dante's life, as they taught the boy themselves to read and write at the age of three, arithmetic starting at age four, and science at the age of five. Charles and Amelie instilled, with great care, a deep love of reading and science, as well as magic, and mystery into the boy's life. Charles had considered himself a clockmaker but he had a passion for inventions beyond clockworks, and built for Dante several film projectors and cameras for his fifth birthday, and Amelie used Charles' cameras to capture Dante's life on film.  By the time Dante was seven, he had mastered four languages fluently, could read at least three others and dabbled in sign language. Dante also took after Charles, and invented a number of useful things around the household.

          In the year 1949 Charles shuts down his shop, after meeting with what he called some very enthusiastic investors interested in a few of clock models hanging in his shop, and agreed to go work for them. Charles tells his family that he's been hired to work with a team of inventors, visionaries, and scientists for a company centered in, but not limited to, America. His new employers agree to let Charles work out of one of the companies' stations in Sydney for the time-being, but six months later Charles relocates his family overnight to the company's new headquarters, telling them its not safe on this part of the world.

         They left their house and piled everything they could fit into a very fancy stretch limo provided by the company that hired Charles. His family expected to arrive at a airfield but instead they arrive at a empty stretch of land with only a very strange tall and thin hot air balloon. Charles bragged  to his family about how the balloon was filled with an extremely light element known only to private minds.  They boarded the balloon and floated halfway to America before docking in a strange manner to a 200 foot Zeppelin.

         Charles once again bragged that this particular zeppelin was filled with that same light gas as the tall balloon and that the zeppelin was also invisible in a manner of speaking to radar, a new tracking system that used in the end of the war he explained. Amelie and young Dante were in awe and stunned by the immense size of the ship and the expenses used to transport them around the world.

         The zeppelin hovered near hawaii before ejecting the family and a small crew to the bottom of the sea in a submarine pod which brought them to a base underwater.  Charles explained that they were to invited to live inside the new company's headquarters along with many other scientists inventors and their families. This is When Dante Quillant's life took a took a turn for the worse. 

         He lived and trained with the company while Charles Quillant was working hard on a building a mass of inventions for the companies' purposes. Until Dante was himself working for the company at  the age of twenty in the year 1962. While on Assignment that year Dante came back to the companies headquarters to find a place of ruin no trace of the company or his parents. The company killed his parents and relocated their headquarters at the time hiding all traces of their further existence. Dante and several allies that he had met that were once enemies to the company formed a secret society to protect the world from the true nature of the company and other threats. Thus beginning his secret legacy. The film archive, that Amelie Quillant captured Dante life in, was lost and
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