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by Angus
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A Man Has To Quit His Job To Save His Sanity



Friday would be his final day at his job. He just couldn’t take it anymore. He was quitting, plain and simple.

It wasn’t because the job was completely to his disliking. On the contrary; he was paid well and the hours were good, as well as the bonuses. No, the problem was who he had to work with. Every day people were constantly asking him questions. It didn’t matter about what. They’d ask him questions about anything and everything. It was enough to drive a person insane.

It reminded him of raising his overly inquisitive son when Junior was only five years old.

“Daddy, why is the sky blue?”

“Daddy, how many stripes do zebras have?”

“Daddy, where is nowhere?”

That alone was enough. But to have to go to work day in and day out and listen to the never-ending inquiries was just too much, especially for a man as respected as he was, not only at his job, but in life as well.

He’d even told his boss about it, but his boss said there was nothing he could do.

Fine, he thought. No more job, but no more questions. It’s worth it.

So when Friday finally rolled around, he prominently stood there in front of them, chest out, and told them of his plans.

“Folks, today is my last day here. I simply can’t take it anymore, so I’m quitting. The reason? You ask too many questions!” he said emphatically. “But before I quit, I have one question of you. Why? Why have you been pestering me these last twenty years with all of your questions?”

“Well, Alex Trebek, you wouldn’t have been getting all those questions if you wouldn’t have kept giving us the answers. This is Jeopardy, you know.”

Written for Daily Flash Fiction where the prompt phrase was the purple one in bold letters

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