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This is part 1 of a children book series I have been working on
One morning Lily and her mom planned on going to the store for food. On their way to the store Lily seen a little body of water and asked her mom if she could go exploring. Her mom said that she could but Lily had to promise not to go into the water. So Lily promised that she would not go into the water, she said that she would just look.
As Lily’s mom walked away she got closer to see if she could see anything.. At first there was nothing to see, until she seen a small leaf, with a flower, floating on the water. She looked at it with wide open eyes because the flower was so pretty and the leaf did not move. All of a sudden a small animal hopped out of the water and on to the leaf. The animal scared Lily and she jumped so high all four of her legs left the ground.
The animal looked at Lily and said, “I am sorry for scaring you, I did not see you.” Lily came closer and asked, “What are you?” The animal hopped onto the grass and said, “I am a frog and my name is Daisy. May I ask your name?” “My name is Lily and I am a dog. I have never seen a frog before.” Daisy said, “Well I am not the only frog here. Would you like to meet my brother and sister?” Lily nodded her head and said yes. Daisy yelled, “Kiki! Dash! Come on the land we have a new friend!’ as soon as Daisy yelled, two frogs jumped out of the water with big smiles on their faces. They both said, “Hello Lily!” Lily could not help but smile.
They all stood around and talked for a little while. Lily asked them if there were any other things in the pond and all together they said, “Oh yes, lots more.” Lily started wagging her tail and followed the three frogs.
Dash took the lead and showed Lily some more animals in the pond, while Daisy and Kiki dove in the water to grab something. Dash was so happy to show Lily around he forgot to show her the sky and the geese in it.
Once half way around the pond, Kiki and Daisy poked their heads out of the water and they were holding things that seemed to be small fish. Lily looked puzzled and asked, “What are those?” Kiki smiled and said that those were their babies. Their babies did not have names yet but they called them tadpoles. The babies got scared since Lily was so big and they went back into the water.
Lily seen another leaf with a flower and asked what it was. The frogs told Lily that it did not have a name but since they liked her so much they would call all the floating leaves Lily pads. That made Lily so happy that she jumped for joy. She started to bark and scream. Lily seen her mom and told the frogs bye and that she would see them again soon.
Once Lily got to her mom she told her who she met and what she had seen. She also told her about the frogs naming something after her. Her mom was so happy for her that she went back and invited all of the frogs over to play games and eat. Lily had so much fun that day that as soon as she laid down she fell right to sleep.
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