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Bubba was a turkey bought especially for Thanksgiving Dinner by my best friend/neighbor
Turkeys are large and can be dangerous birds. Their strong wings can break an arm and their long claws can cause damage resulting in stitches. Bubba was bought as a Thanksgiving Dinner and he must have known his days were numbered. So he fast became the most ferocious animal in the barnyard. The two little eight year old boys, Patrick and  Bobby, often ran throught the middle of the barn screaming that Bubba was chasing them. He acted like he wanted to hurt the children.

I always ignored Bubba and he never bothered me. One day, I was holding one of the donkeys for Beverly and Bubba waltzed over and sat on my foot. I started patting my foot up and down and he loved it. From that time on, Bubba followed me around trying to sit on my foot. Of course, I couldn't refuse. I had developed a friendly relationship with this barnyard bully.

The day before Thanksgiving, I rode my mare down to see what was going on. To my absolute horror, I lost the pit of my stomach. There, on the chopping block was my friend, Bubba! Blood was pouring out of his mouth and I had to turn away and cry. I never saw the rest of the preparations, I rode Athena home, sobbing for my buddy, Bubba.

I have never eaten turkey since that day. It was interesting when I was told that turkeys are bred too large to breed each other. They are artificially inseminated. Did you know that?

I'll never forget Bubba. He was my favorite fowl.
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