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If it wasn't for bad luck Regina wouldn't have any luck at all

SHIT!!! I cant believe this. I could have sworn I set my alarm. I overslept. DAMN IT! I have just enough time to get Baby Girl up, dressed and out the door. She didn’t even get a chance to brush her teeth. Just a splash of mouthwash and I gave her a piece of chewing gum. Damn shame, I know. We made it to the bus stop just as her bus was pulling up.

Now as for me, I’m going to be an hour late for work. Normally I have enough time to get Baby Girl and myself ready at the same time. But because I overslept, I didn’t have time to get myself together. So basically my bus will be here in about eight minutes and I’m still in my pajamas. Its going to be a another hour before the next one comes. DAMN!! Ms. Boss Lady is not going to like this…

I walked in the door around 9:15 am. I was scheduled to be there at 8:00. All eyes were on me. And I don’t mean kind, loving, and caring eyes either. My co-workers were giving me the “death stare”. Ladies and gentleman let me tell you a little something about the fast food biz. Being late is worse than breaking one of the Ten Commandments. If you’re late that means someone isn’t going on break or someone cant go home until you show up. I can’t count the times I’ve seen co-workers/friends clash over tardiness. We see tardiness as a form of disrespect and an insult. “ How dare you stand between me and my 30 minutes of face booking on my iPhone while I eat my mediocre meal” we say to ourselves. To make things worse, I didn’t call and warn them that I was running late. Oopps….

The only co-worker that wasn’t trying to kill me with her eyes was my good friend that I affectionately call Momma. Since my biological mother is deceased, I look to Momma for the “motherly love” I desire. She’s a tough old lady but she has a big heart. Momma always has an encouraging word for me. But she will chastise me if I need it. I feel one of those moments coming now…

“Gina, where the hell you been? Do you know you’re over an late? You been out all night with some nasty man haven’t you? I knew it. Out there being fast.”
“No Momma, I wasn’t with a man. I just overslept is all.”
I wish I was with a nasty man. I could use some of that…

“What’s wrong with you Gina? You look a hot mess. You know people are starting to talk about you?
“People talk about each other all the time here Momma, you know that.”
“No not like this. You’re not acting like yourself. You don’t even look the same anymore. You use to be the “diva” of this store. Hair and nails stayed done. Make-up flawless. Neat shirt and pants. Now you look like you’ve been drug through seven cities and Hell was the last one.”
“Momma…please not now”
“Are you on something? You taking drugs? You know that’s what the rumor is. That you’re on drugs and..
“I aint on no damn drugs Momma!! And I could careless about what they say about me. They don’t pay my bills or take care of my kids….

….”Hello Regina. How nice of you to join us”
Its Ms. Boss Lady. Time to smooth things over.
“I’m so sorry I’m late. I overslept. But I’m here now and I’m ready to work. You don’t even have to worry about giving me a break either. And let me apologize for my rudeness yesterday…”
“No need to apologize Regina. And there’s no need for you to clock in either. You see, you didn’t call and say you were going to be late. I assumed you weren’t coming at all so I had you replaced. So you can turn around and go home for the day. As a matter of fact, you can take the rest of the week off. And all of next week. You’re suspended until further notice. I’m sick of you and I’m sick of your shit. Maybe you can take this time to “clear your mind”.

Ms. Boss Lady turns around and walks to the office. All of my co-workers are giving me the “better you than me” look. But not Momma.
“Gina, look at this as a blessing in disguise. Whatever it is that you’re caught up in, use this time to set yourself free. You have two girls that need you. You have got to do better than what you’re doing honey. Promise me you gonna do better.”
“I will Momma…”

I turn around and walk out. Now what do I do. I can afford to miss one day of work let alone a whole week or more. I’m starting to cry now. I’m walking down the street towards the bus stop, eyes filled with tears. How pitiful can you get. I’m that much of a fucking loser that I can hold down a stupid fast food job. Some role model I am for my girls.

Nothing to do but go home and contemplate my next move. Then come to the realization that I don’t have a move to make. I’m stuck. In Hell. Forever and ever. When I get home, the first thing I do is grab the bottle off my bedroom dresser. I open the bottle. I open my mouth and I swallow. If I’m going to be stuck in Hell, I damn sure aint doing it sober.

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