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Poem on what we have..
As I was walking
Down life's highway
I came upon a Sign

'Heavens Grocery Store'.

When I got a little closer
The doors swung open wide
Now I was standing inside..

I saw a host of Angels.
One handed me a Basket
And said 'My Child shop with care..'

Everything a
Human needed
Was in that
Grocery store

And what you
Could not carry
You could come
Back for more

First I got some
Love was also
In the same row...

Further down was
You need that
Everywhere you go..

I got a box or
Two of Wisdom
And Faith a bag
Or two.

And Charity of
I would need some
Of that too..

And then some
And Courage to
Help me run this race.

My basket was
Getting full
But I remembered
I needed Grace,

And then I chose
Salvation for
Salvation was for

I tried to get
Enough of that to do
For you and me..

Then I started to
The counter
To pay my grocery

As I went up the
I saw Prayer and
Put that in ,

For I knew when I
Stepped outside
I would run into

Peace and Joy
Were plentiful,
The last things
On the shelf.

Song and Praise
Were hanging near
So I just helped

Then I said to the angel
'Now how much do I owe?'
He smiled and

'Just take them
Everywhere you go.'
But.... 'How much do I

'My child' he
Said , 'God paid your bill
A long long time
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