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Having survived Gemini's assault, Madame Rouge escapes but finds a familiar face.
Look at her, Doctor. In perfect stasis and yet her body is supporting the vaginal development. I almost wish we could keep her around, but her offspring will do everything she can...and more

Madame Rouge opened her eyes long after her senses told her it was safe. Slade and Gemini were both gone, left her to die in the puddle of blood in which she now lay. All of the equipment in the lab had been taken as well. Her bleeding had stopped, but when she tried to remove the shoes from her body, they were stuck. Slowly, Madame Rouge found her way to standing on her bare feet in blood. She limped back the way she had came and found an exit sign.

Strangely enough walking, Madame Rouge did not feel mortally wounded despite being punctured in the heart. She felt her heart beat despite the shoe. The Brain's surgery truly made a freak out of me. And now there is teenage me running around having not run through puberty yet.

She stuck to the shadows on the streets until she came across a car in the allyway she was walking through. It jerked back and forth and grunts exited from it. Rouge desperately tried to use her powers and remove the heels. She pulled on the shoe until it slid out, leaving a symmetrical hole in her abdomen which immediately sealed. The heel in her vagina slid out slowly.

Rouge's anger grew when she saw her womanhood mutilated by this child, but she felt strangely relaxed after she at last removed the other shoe ass well. She felt her powers return and she took on the appearance of a muscular male cop.

Rouge tapped on the window, and asked for the window to be rolled down despite being able to see perfectly through the window. The drunken teenagers got out of the car instead totally bare. They were not attractive.

"Please go stand over by that dumpster." Rouge said, anxious.
"Whatever you dun' say, offishe" The male said. The female was either a cunt or a prostitues, because she hung onto his hip as if it was attached. Rouge entere the car and tossed out their abandoned clothing in front of them. She ignited the engine, returned to her undamaged self, and drove away.

She was in Jump City, home of the original Teen Titans. The Tower was the only place Slade would have sent Gemini. Finally finish the job with a teenager at long last. Rouge needed to find a way to get to the island, but her assets and powered did not favor swimming or renting a boat. She hoped that one of the Titans was in the City fighting a pety crime. She saw a police car parked with the officer asleep.

She pulled into the empty parking lot and walked up to the car. His radio was on quite loud but he had still managed to fall asleep with it on.

5150, say again, 5150. Crazy bitch is destroying this magic store. Get the Titans over here, this ain't in my pay grade.
Squad two, what is your position in relation to the 5150?
I'm across the street pinned down by the Loie Magic Store on Rich Street. My partners out cold from the crash. Our car just swerved into a hydrant. Brat's got pink hair!

Rouge entered her vehicle and drove to the commotion. Pink hair was obviously that Jinx girl who had subdued her many months...or years ago, Rouge came to the conclusion. The Titans would have to be pulled her to intervene.


The Titans Communicator on Robin's floor crackled with traffic. "Crazy bitch is destroying this magic store. Get the Tit-" A black high heeled shoe crushed the communicator into pieces. Only inches away a beaten and bruised Robin's hand had been reaching for it, now to no avail. The black shoe rolled Robin onto his back. He was unconcious.

Gemini knelt down, and lifted Robin into her arms. She carried him out of his room and back into the main living room and lay him down on the table. At the couch was Cyborg's headless corspe; Gemini had decapitated him first when she began her attack. She had thrown Beast Boy into the T.V. and he was down and out. Still alive though. Starfire surrendered when Gemini stretched around Raven's mouth and throat, ready to crush both. Raven and Starfire were both out as well. Robin had gotten there after his Team was defeated. After fighting with Gemini, he tried to run to call for back up on the communicator in his room.

He hadn't made it.

Gemini produced an ear-communicator and slipped it into Robin's ear. His eyes opened. She looked at the woman towering over his broken body and saw how she looked idential to Madame Rouge, but wasn't.

"Glorious, isn't she Robin?" Slade's voice crackled through Robin's ear. "Madame Rouge's involuntary offspring. She's all to willing to learn and expand her abilities. Something you never were quite good at. It doesn't matter now though."

Gemini put her knee's on Robin's sides and began tearing this clothes off. Powerless to stop her, Robin only watched.

"It's only been fifteen minutes and the Titans are finished. It really was this simple." Gemini removed everthing and left him bare, save his mask.

"The Titans are finished Robin. Thankfully for you though, Gemini believes she can make you useful."

She rips off his mask, and her own clothes disappear into her skin. Her breasts press against Robin's chest giving off an unreal amount of body heat. Her legs stretch and wrap around his. Her hand clutches his penis and tenderly massages it until it hardens. It slides into her womanhood, and Gemini begins her automatic process of going up and down on him.

She rolls over, placing a limp Robin on top. At first Gemini has to use her hands to push Robin in and out of her, but eventually his body reacts and he does so involuntarily. Soon Gemini is just laying motionless, marveling at Robin uncontrollaby having sex with her.

He delievers into her soon, and he lets out a loud moan signifying he has had it. He exis her and rolls next to her, panting heavily. Gemini lays on top of him again, fresh cum dripping from her.

"Slade, full sample aquired." She lookes Robin in the eye as her body liquifies and proceeds to coat Robin's. The purple material coats the body featureless, and after a second it develops different features.

The figure slims to a perfect hourglass and the legs compress. The hands shrink into claws and mounds become breast at the chest.

The figure stands up as it takes on feminine features. Gemini's face forms at the top but her uniform changes into a skin tight two piece with an open view of her sculped abs. She only had one purple sleeve, and now gloves.

This costume, but purple: http://s9.thisnext.com/media/largest_dimension/6176D9EA.jpg

The communicator Gemini had put in Robin's ears was now in her's.

"Slade, I am finished. What happens to the remaining Titans?"

"We have Robin and Cyborg is dead. Leave them. They have no way to track you, and follow them investigate."

"Gemini out."


When the Titans were clearly not going to show up, Madame Rouge snuck up on Jinx and subdued her. Rather than being the hero Jinx was loaded into Rouge's car before the police even noticed the crisis was over.

Jinx was older now, but still looked the same to Rouge, a woman who had lived a long time.

She was obviously making havoc because Kid Flash had probably cheated or broken up with her.

Madame Rouge found a note with an address on Jinx which turned out to be her apartment. Still unconcious, Jinx was carried through the building and into bed by Rouge. The desk manager didn't even care two strange looking woman were togethor. Probably just some fun with alcohol had inclined them to buy fun outfits.

Rouge lay Jinx down in bed and looked at her. She remembered all too well how Jinx had been able to best her on the hunt for Kid Flash. Her powers had proven useful against her when the Brotherhood was defeated.

Her powers may be invaluable going against Gemini. Rouge expected that Gemini, being her biological daughter, would be no match for her. But she still needed to have contigencies, and she decided Jinx was just such a thing.

But Jinx didn't have any good feelings about Madame Rouge. Rouge sighed when she remembered having the chance to take Jinx under her wing.

But my powers may give me a second opportunity. Rouge new her body would automatically support something placed in her womb. Rouge undressed Jinx while also removing her own clothing around her pelvis. Her vagina stretched to the proportion of a bowling all and Rouge effortlessly slid Jinx into her womb.

Already Gemini was going to have a sister.

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