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A story of love separated by the line of duty.
I stand out side my window, smiling back at a dove,

  with the world on my shoulder, I have nothing but love.

The smell of your scent, still fresh in my mind,

  like a sinking ship, a letter been signed.

With every word you ever say, every thought that's fresh of mind,

  my heart ties a knot, like a rope in a bind.

Air fills my lungs with the fire of the night,

  when I see your face, what a glorious sight.

My love so strong, it has to work,

your hand pulled slowly at the hem of my shirt.

Off, off, off it goes,

  with my chest so open and my heart exposed.

Your gentle touch, your beautiful face,

  with a gentle hint, of a beautiful grace.

My love so strong, my heart beating fast,

  the battle of time, seems long and vast.

I am firmly planted,

  the love on my heart, now cleanly branded.

What was once two, now become one,

  Our mind, our body's, now basked in sun.

What a glorious night, of wonderful beauty,

  now you're off the shore, in the line of duty.

This is a poem, of patience, of love,

  until your return, I feel empty thereof.

Your hand, your kiss, your love, your touch,

  with letters in hand, I shall firmly clutch.

This is a poem of patience, of love.

  I shall wait for your return, until the day thereof.
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