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Rated: E · Fiction · Family · #1964202
Just a fanficton if a certain someone met a certain someone XD
Alfred walked down 10th and 5th street, not really having a care in the world; his two daughters were being watched by his best friend Tony.

“Ah, the fresh air of outdoors- Oph!”

In his daydreaming he had managed to clip someone’s shoulder with his upper arm, they both stumbled and he managed to fall on them. After a few seconds, his vision came back enough to see the person he had managed to fall on was indeed a woman. He scrambled off of her quickly and helped her to her feet, but while he did so, she was laughing.

“I-I’m so sorry, miss it was my fault-”

Her Blue eyes sparkled as she laughed, her auburn hair flipping around her from the wind.

“No problem! Accidents happen.”

Alfred looked at her, his eyebrows raised slightly; did she really just push the conversation aside? Usually most girls would have had a tiff and either started to beat him with their purse or yell at him, she did neither.

“How about I make it up to you?”

He looked around the plaza and spotted a coffee shop a few yards away, he then turned back to
face her.

“Um, how about we go get a coffee...?”

She looked at him for a few moments, then she laughed slightly again, he began to back paddle.

“S-Sorry...I know that that must have sounded weird and all...Um, forget I said-”

She grabbed his hand and started to walk down to the coffee shop,

“I never said that I didn’t want to go, jeez you are too formal; lighten up!~”

He slightly blushed at her pulling him along, her hands were a little rough around the edges; wait, didn’t all girls have nice soft hands...? He pondered this as she led him into the bustling shop, they ordered normal coffee and got the cream and sugar on the side, then they sat down at an empty booth and started to chat.

“So, what brings you to New York...?”

The girl looked at him and smiled,

“Just out for a walk.”

Alfred laughed slightly at the irony,

“Me too!~”

The girl chuckled as well, stirring her cream and sugar into her coffee, she stopped stirring and looked at her coffee as it swirled in her cup. After a few minutes of silence she looked back up at him, noticing that he was staring at her, he blushed slightly and laughed nervously, trying to make it look like he was just glancing over at her direction, but she knew better and smiled warmly.

“What’s you name anyway, Mr. Charming...?”

He looked at her and smiled a wide smile,

“My name is Alfred, Alfred Jones. yours?”

“Oh just call me A.”

He looked at her funny,

“A? Is that a nickname or something...?”

She smiled up at him through her red bangs, making her eyes almost seem orange when they were Blue normally..
“You could say that. Anyway; what do you like to do for a hobby?”

It was his turn to laugh,

“I have many hobbies, one of them is to fly.”

Her eyes sparked as he said that, “Ah, I love to fly myself! I feel so free whenever I get the chance to.”

He almost choked on his coffee, since when did women fly...? He had never knew of a woman that even had a permit to even operate such a dangerous machine. She looked at him and huffed,
“That’s what most men look like around here when I tell them that; sorry to bother you...”

“N-No, I didn’t mean it like that!”

She stopped and turned to face him, slightly glaring; he gulped and continued,

“I just meant that I was surprised, how did you get past all of the tests...? Weren’t they hard...?”

Her glare softened alittle, she sat back down and smiled slightly,

“I just did...The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

He smiled and pulled out a 5 dollar bill for the coffee’s and waved the waitress over, just before she got to the table; A took out a 2 dollar bill and handed it to the girl. Alfred just stared at her shocked; just who and what was this woman thinking...?

“I’ll pay for the both of us, my treat.~”

She winked and got up from the table and started to walk out of the diner,

“Thanks for the chat!~”

He sat there for a few more seconds, dumbstruck; now I know that she’s crazy! Doesn’t she know that the man is supposed to pay...? He followed her out and sighed,

“You are one weird woman...”

She smiled and shrugged, everyone on the busy sidewalk moved out of the way, around them.

“I know that what you say is true, but I want to change the outlook on how people see women; more than a pretty face, more than a curtsy; I want everyone to see that women can be respected and feared as well as men, someday I hope this becomes true...”

His mind flashed to his two little girls, and how they might grow up in a world where there was no more discrimination against their kind, he smiled at the thought and looked down at A.

“Mind if I walk you home...? Or can you handle it yourself?”

She smiled,

“I don’t mind, just try to keep up with me!” As she said this she took off down the street, dodging people and automobiles as they rumbled past, Alfred laughed and ran after her; feeling like a little kid again.

When they finally reached her house, she stopped and put her hand to her heart, trying to stop it from beating so fast, meanwhile Alfred had finally caught up with her, his hands rested on his pants as he tried to gasp for air. She saw this sight of him and burst out in a fit of laughter.
“Y-You look ridiculous!~”

He smirked,

“S-So do y-you!~”

They both laughed for a little bit, then she turned to face him;

“I had fun today, do you want to try another outing sometime with me...?”

His face slightly flushed, but he wasn’t worried; they had just run across town anyway so he could use that as an excuse.

“Um, Sure! I’d love to, where do you want to meet?”

She smiled,

“At the plane docking station around noon tomorrow. I want to show you something that I have been working on.~”
He nodded and stepped away from the stairs,

“Alright, see you at noon tomorrow. Goodbye.”


As she closed the door, he jumped for joy, then looked around to see if anyone had noticed; no one was around, so he practically skipped home.

“What’s gotten you so happy? Walk go good?”

His grey friend greeted him as he practically floated through the door.

“Yeah, great! I tripped over a lady while walking and-”

He stopped him there,

“Wait, isn’t that a bad thing...?”

“Oh no, I mean yes, but-”

“You met a lady friend and now you are going to see her again is that it...?”

Alfred’s jaw almost dropped open, How does he do that...?

“Alright smartass, yes; I met a ‘lady-friend’ and we are going to be seeing one another again; tomorrow at noon at the plane docking station.”

Tony’s red eyes looked at him,

“The plane docking station...? Wait, are you going to be showing off again...?”

He rolled his eyes,

“No, she said that she wanted to show me something tomorrow, I have no idea what it could be so I’m just going to have to wait ‘till then and find out.”

The girls listened to the conversation, they didn’t like where this was going; Alfie on a date..?

With some random person that they didn’t even know...? They looked at one another and listened to their conversation some more to figure out the details.

“I swear to you man, she’s so different from any other woman I have met. Her hands aren’t really soft like most womens, she actually paid for my coffee as well as hers and she ran through the streets without a care in the world. She also has a pilot's licence.”

Tony sipped at his own coffee and looked at him,

“Sounds like one weird woman to me...”

“Yeah, but I like how she acts, its different and unexpected; I never know what’s going to happen next when I am around her.”

He got a faraway look as he started to think about her, Tony just rolled his eyes and looked at the girls that had been there the whole time, it was hard to miss them; they weren’t very good at hiding, since they both had on poofy pink dresses. He rolled his eyes and looked at the daydreaming Alfred.

“Hey loverboy, pink bogies at 2 o’clock.”

He snapped out of his daydream and looked over to the corner of the room, he could see partially two pink dresses behind the hallway wall.

“Girls, have you been listening in on the conversation...?”

They both eeped and shuffled out of sight, he smiled and ran at them scooping them unto his arms and kissing them both on the head, much to their protests and laughter.

“N-No! We weren’t listening to you! We were playing hide and seek and managed to find you talking to Tony...It’s not our fault we were listening...”

He sighed and placed them on the floor, much to their protests, he got down at their level and looked them both in the eye.

“Girls, I know that you might think that I am replacing you with another person, but trust me; I’m not. Nothing can take you away from me okay...?”

They both murmured in agreement, he frowned and then got a devilish smirk on his face.

“I guess I have no other choice...”

Just as they were going to ask what; he ran at them and shouted,

“You better run! I’m gonna gobble you up!”

They both shrieked with laughter and the pattering of tiny feet could be heard throughout the house. Tony just smiled slightly and shook his head,”Well, at least he’s better with them then I am...”

-The Next Day...-

Alfred awoke to find out that it was almost noon!

“Oh goddammit! I’m going to be late!!”

He ran to the washroom to get ready, after he was done with that, he looked in the mirror to see if he had missed anything while shaving. Satisfied with the results, he ran out the door, but before he did, he placed a kiss on the top of the girls heads and nodded to Tony, who was just getting his first cup of coffee for the day. He nodded back and he was out the door.

He arrived at the plane docking station with 5 minutes to spare,

“Thank god I don’t live far from here-”

He stopped short as he saw her inspecting a plane that had yellow paint over it, he could see that it was named ‘Canary’ like the bird. She spotted him and waved him over, smiling.

“Well Sir, you keep to your word, right on time- Early to be exact!”

He smiled,

“I was actually going to be late, I almost didn’t make it on time.”

She chuckled and threw a pilot’s suit at him, he caught it and smirked;

“You had planned this all along, hadn’t you..?”

She smiled and jumped into the cockpit, already dressed for flight,

“Not really, I was just going to go alone originally, but what’s the fun in that...?”

After he had gotten into the gear, he hopped up and got into the seat behind her; she asked if he had on his breathing mask and he said yes, she closed the hangar and started up the engine. After a few seconds it roared to life and as soon as she got the green light to go, she was off.
The landing strip zoomed past them as she gained speed, then after a few seconds, it lifted off of the ground, and they could see for miles and miles. Alfred whistled and looked around.

“Like the view..?”

He laughed and nodded,

“Yeah, I wish I could live up here!~”

She nodded as well,

“Hey watch this!~”

She spun the plane around and finally came back around to the normal position.

“You’re pretty good with a plane! I am impressed-”

“You haven’t seen anything yet!~”

She gained altitude and finally let the plane do a loop-de-loop, as she righted herself she shook her head,

“Woo! Headhush!~”

He just laughed, having the time of his life and not a care in the world at the moment, but they soon had to land; both didn’t want the fun night to end.

“I had a really good time tonight. If you want you can try to come over again and you could take her for a spin, just don’t be too rough!~”

He laughed while she patted the cooling steel of the plane,

“Don’t worry, I won’t.”
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