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Monkey's Hanukkah poem
As the tag line in "Notable quotables [ASR] states: My son will someday be a writer.

That day has arrived. In fact, he's been writing wonderful stories with a unique voice for a few years. Here is the poem 9 year old Monkey just wrote about Hanukkah:

It's Hanukah, it's Hanukah,
It's finally here!
And very unlike Halloween,
There isn't any fear!

Spin, dreidel, spin,
Nun, gimel, hay, and shin!
And getting all the money,
Is exactly how you win!

And when lighting the menorah,
With all of its eight (plus 1) candles!
I really hope that all the people,
Held the lighter by its handle!

Many kids think it's all about,
The eight days worth of presents!
But I assure you that's not how it is,
For all those poor old peasants!

Hanukah has much been overlooked,
By all the other holidays!
But nobody will ever miss it,
With all of its eight days!

Hanukah is more,
Than just a feeling to behold!
So I'm telling you, do not forget,
What you have just been told!
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