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The feeling you are left with, afterwards, does wonders for your confidence...I did it!
National Novel Writing Month

When I first saw NaNo,
Even the name felt weird,
Four weeks to write a novel?
Not a hope I feared.

A concept a bit like a hill
Intentions won't lift an inch
so, best to break it down
into steps and then, it's a cinch.

Find a dramatic idea;
backstory fixed, Hooray!
Do the preparation.
Chapter prompts pay

dividends. Organisation,
characters; what they consist
of, endearments, flaws- your choice.
Life's unexpected twist.

Realism, flow and some research,
Easily get carried away.
National Novel Writing Month
seems easy; only fifty kay.

Your reward, is you
cracked the achievement,
But don't be a misled galah,
Just 'cos you kept up the word count
It's still incomplete repertoire.

No, don't put away the keyboard,
or Remington, just quite yet.
Your ending is almost in sight,
Completed, you'll have no regret.

A few changes, manipulation
And then some brief editing (cough, cough *smile*)
Publication is possible ...right?
And pleasure to readers bring.

Once you've had a go at NaNoWriMo, even if you didn't finish, this year, you'll then have the feeling that comes with victory- the feeling of achievement.
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