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Do you know who you are?
          "The rusty pickup rattled down the dirt road." Sam typed on his laptop .
        He was on auto drive as the hovercraft floated over the marsh. A warm breeze
        blew in through the open passage window. His girl friend had put her bare feet out the
        open window. Sam yawned and changed his venue on his laptop. He was hunting
        for humans.

            "Gawd ! This is boring." Penellopy gave a giggle and stretched. She was young
        and lacked patience .. Sam was nearly 80 and quite content.
        "Listen. I think I hear some human settlements." Sam turned up the volume.
        They could hear chattering humans. Sam tapped some more on his laptop and the
        hovercraft circled over a woodland. Arrows struck the bottom of the hovercraft.
        "They're never friendly." Penellopy remarked and yawned.

        Sam sat up and excitedly beamed several half naked human females into the
        mesh netted cage attached the luggage rack. The females screamed as they tried
        to break free. .. :"Oh my gawd!. They're going to scratch up the finish." Penellopy growled.
        Sam laughed and sedated them with an ether gas. "This is so much fun. Just think
        what kind of race we can make of these humans." Sam said as he dragged the females
        into the living area of the vessel.

        Sam had sex with his catch and then released them outside their village.
        The females staggered back into the mist of the woodland bog.
        "Please give me a cucumber." Penellopy smirked .. "Your just a dirty old man!"
        Sam laughed and poured out some mango juice for them to drink ..
        "Maybe we could take a shower?" Sam asked.

        Penellopy blinked her black reptile eyes and smiled.

        *  -
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