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A poem about my sleepwalking
I walk the streets in my sleep late into the night.
No one knows I’m not awake and I never start a fight.
I make my way to the store to fill my grocery list.
I’m always calm and keep my cool I never shake my fist.
I walk the aisles and check the shelves looking for a deal.
Even though I'm a sleep I’m sure I never steal.
Picking through the produce looking for the best,
I never get distracted and I never need to rest.
I step up to the till with the money in my fist.
As he scans the items I remove them from the list.
I do things in my sleep I could never do awake,
People don’t believe me, they think I’m just a fake.
Walking in my sleep I have no sense of conscience.
Shopping in my sleep is just a silly kind of nonsense.
I finally wake and glance around looking for some clues.
I feel so glad I’m at home and never made the news.
Rob Hyden *in plain sight
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