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An article about treating anxiety in young people without prescribing powerful medication
Anxiety is a side effect of evolution and population growth. If you factor in all the pollution and chemicals we are exposed to every day you know there has to be side effects. We have become such a high stress, over consuming, law infused society it has caused the psychological side effect of anxiety and panic at an alarming rate. Anxiety has only been recognized as an illness in the last 30 years, there is any where from 15% to 35% of the population that is affected by it, depending on who you believe.

I am seeing younger and younger people suffering from anxiety every day. I think health departments and community agencies need to get a head of this future epidemic by recognizing the signs and instilling positive stimulation from a very young age and stop treating this illness in the doctors offices with medication.

Schools are already a form of group therapy, kid's go to school to learn and improve their lives. Having basic psychological education programs added into school curriculum may help prepare kids to handle today's stressful society and teach them self-confidence.

This is an illness that can be treated and controlled without drugs and the endless lists of side effects. Psychological treatment can be administered at a very young age without any side effects while building self-confidence to help deal with stressful situations throughout life.

Health Departments need to think of the big picture and not the individual treatment solution. Early prevention and treatment could save billions in health cost as well as millions of hours of employment down time every year.

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