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Everyone has a Guardian Angel..(+)
          The Devil is an Angel. His dominion is on Earth.
          Recently, a very excitable young man ask me if I believe in God.
          I said I accept a higher power, but I don't know if it is intelligent.
          The young man said ,  Your an atheist and you will burn in Hell."
          This was an odd time to make this statement, since I was giving him a ride to work.

                          "If I am damned to Hell, why am I helping you?" I countered.

          The young man asked me if I excepted Jesus as my Lord an savior.  I don't.
          I believe Jesus of the New Testament was a Magician and his followers worshiped his magic.
          "Do you worship miracles ?"  I queried.  The Young man did not answer me directly, arguing that Jesus is God's son,
          because ~  "He rose from the dead."

          "Christna rose from dead as did Lazarus and Solomon ..."  I said calmly to the agitated young man from Dover, NH.
          Jesus is God, he added, because he spoke the truth about peace and justice. What kind of just God allows his only son
          to be tortured and crucified?  I did not say this to the Dover Evangelical.  .. I felt that would anger him to violence.
          "Many other cultures believed in peace and justice before Christianity .."  I said calmly as we waited at a stop light.

                          "You have demon blood in you. You cannot be saved until you except Jesus as your savior." he said proudly.

        The purpose of a demon in the Bible was to test a man's faith... Christian Bible scholars point to Wisdom 2:24; John 8:44
        as proof that the Devil rules the Earth and his kingdom is death... Curious and curiouser to me, because it was God in Genesis
        who condemned Adam&Eve and their children to death. God invented death + and sacrificed his only son for Adam's sin.
        The demons in my view represent God's negative nature, while the good Angels spend their time in Heaven praising God(REV. 4:8).
        Obviously, God is bipolar... or maybe the people of those times were blaming God for evil.

        Anywho, I did not confront this young man's faith completely.  It just did not seem polite.
        So, I dropped him off where he wanted to go and typed this doodle.



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