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I'm hoping this will tell people how self-harmers feel.
Tears fall like rain,
From her grieve stricken eyes,
Feeling numb from the pain,
She couldn't deny.

As her life slips away,
Like sand in her hands,
All she can hear,
Their relentless demands.

Their words of hate,
Ring in her ears,
As the pain dominates,
She can't fight the tears.

The scars on her wrists,
She tries to hide,
No one knows she exists,
Or is dead inside.

She cries out to you,
In the silence of night,
But all you care to do,
Is insist she's alright.

You don't try to look past,
The walls she built up,
But one day at last,
She had enough.

She raises her voice,
Over the crowd,
Some listen by choice,
As they hear aloud,

Do you not see,
The pain you cause,
Festers in me,
She then took a pause.

I'm not alone,
There are others too,
Your hearts of stone,
Know the truth.
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