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A kitty rescue story
My Buddy

I love my Buddy. He saved my life. In more ways than he could ever imagine.

When the lady bought me for her daughter, I was still just a kitten. The daughter was loving and affectionate; she would play with me after school and give me treats when the lady wasn’t looking. But the daughter grew up, as we all do, and she stopped. She stopped petting me when she was home, she stopped playing with me when I was bored, she stopped giving me treats when the lady went out; she stopped loving me. Eventually, the daughter moved away and she left me alone with the lady. I sat in the driveway and cried for her all night.

When I went back inside, the lady shooed me from the room, chasing me out with a broom of all things. I ran down the hall to the daughter’s bedroom, where I had spent most of my life, and jumped up onto the bed. Only, the bed wasn’t the same; the blankets were folded and the pillows were missing. It was so cold and empty. My tummy rumbled then, so I jumped down off the bed and wandered over to my food dish; no treats, no nip, and only a few pieces of kibble left. I ate what was left, then went to find the lady, to let her know that I needed more. She tossed a shoe at me as I ran from her door. I stopped meowing after that, all it seemed to do was get me into trouble.

Every now and then, the lady would come into the daughter’s room and scoop some kibble into my dish. I would be so hungry that I would eat so much so fast, I would get sick on the carpet, and the lady would pick me up and toss me outside. That was okay, I suppose, living life in the big world. But it was scary, too. There were some pretty big toms that lived down the street, and they were always picking fights with me; I’ve had my share scratches over the years. From time to time, I would go back home and sit on the porch, waiting to be let in out of the cold night air. The lady would let me in, and I would go to the daughter’s room and curl up on the blankets, and at night, I was shooed out of the house once more. It was lonely and rough, and food was scarce, water more so. No one should have to live their life like that.

One particularly cold night, I was wandering down a snowy street, looking for some shelter from the bitter wind, and I saw a man helping his wife get out of their car. Surely someone who would help their wife from their car would be willing to help a kitty get out of the cold, wouldn’t he? I trotted up the street towards them, slipping on the ice from time to time, and I meowed at them to get their attention.

The man stopped and looked around, and spotted me making my way up the street towards them.

“Hey there buddy.” He called out in a companionable voice. I meowed again, and picked up the pace; the ice under my paws was really starting to bite. I heard the doors to the car shut and I meowed at them, hoping they would wait for me. That’s when I heard it; tires and breaks squealing as a vehicle behind me lost its traction on the ice.

I froze where I was, paralyzed by my fear, as I turned my head to see bright lights coming straight for me. Somewhere in the distance, I heard shouting, but all I could see was the vehicle heading in my direction.

Suddenly, I felt like I was flying. There was a bitter cold wind rushing through my fur, and my world seemed to be tumbling over and over again. And just as suddenly as the flight started, it ended with a heavy thud. I yowled and clawed at whatever had trapped me, and then stopped when I felt something warm stroking my fur. That’s when I looked up and saw that the man was holding me in his hands and trying to calm me down. I calmed in an instant, purring in appreciation.

“Oh man. Are you okay?” I heard someone asked as they walked over to the man.

“I’ll be alright.” The man said as he got to his feet, still stroking my fur. “What about you? Are you going to be okay?”

“Yeah, we’re alright.” The guy said. “I’m sorry, man; I didn’t even see your cat sitting there.”

“He’s not my cat, actually.” The man said, and I let out a small cry, feeling my heart break at his words.

“You jumped out in front of a car sliding on ice to save a cat that’s not even yours? Seriously?”

“Every life is worth saving.” The man said, and he held me up and turned me to look at him. “Come on buddy, let’s get you warmed up.”

That was ten years ago; and I haven’t left my buddy’s side since. I have a warm bed to curl up in, a food dish that is never empty, all the treats and nip I could meow for, and a man who loves on me every chance he gets. He has given me the kind of life I had always wanted, a life worth living.

~ 10 December 2013 ~

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written for and WINNER of: "The Writer's Cramp
prompt for 12/11/2013: write a STORY or POEM about a person who risks their life to save an animal

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