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A brief overview of my character Megan from my upcoming story, Blood of a Hunter.
         Megan was born in late December, with her twin sister, Liza. Her sister, Liza, was much weaker than her from the beginning, through the orphanage, and much up until she became a Hunter. As a result, Megan was often relied upon to protect her sister, both from the other children of the orphanage, and from the Lines who were angry with them. Their parents were unknown, but having children who were an angel and a demon had brought negative attention from the press. Since they could not be found, the children of this crime were often the targets of their hatred. Being a demon certainly helped.
         After several years of living in an orphanage, Megan and Liza were adopted by the Antonia family, from which they got their last name. This was a family of shifters, who agreed that the children had suffered for their parents mistakes long enough. In the words of their adoptive mother "These children are as responsible for their parents actions as we are for living on earth."
         The Antonia's looked after the twins until they turned sixteen. At this age, things changed. Megan elected to take the Hunter Trials, no longer wishing to burden the Antonia's. Though some had their doubts she would succeed, Liza also entered the Trials. The Antonia's bid the sisters farewell, and told them they were welcome to come back at any time.
         As it usually is, the Trials changed the sisters. Liza learned quickly to care for herself, in combat and in life. After all, during this time the sisters weren't allowed to see one another. Megan, who had been very concerned with her sister for most of her life had to learn to live without her. Constantly, she was haunted by what her sister might be going through. But when the Trials were in full swing, and survival was all that she could see. It was during this time, the Calling occurred. There was now the Megan, who cared for others and loved her sister, and the Megan who would kill in the name of survival.
         When the Trials concluded, both Megan and Liza had passed. They were assigned to Sector 7, in Seattle, Washington.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1966598