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How little I feel...

    I like to use YouTube for a quickie ... but it is a prudish website.
    The Naked News was naked on You Tube and fun to watch.
    Now, it's censored. I suppose a hot naked woman reading the news is
    offensive to some people?  I guess I'll have to subscribe to The Naked News.

    It odd how You Tube censors decide what's offensive.
    There is a 2 hour documentary from the BBC on how to have good sex.
    Various, sex therapist and doctors discuss sexual positions, which are demonstrated
    without censorship... but naked women reading the news is censored.

    Recently, an elderly woman approached me for sex.. I thought that was offensive.
    I politely declined.  Last, summer another elderly woman called me, "Scum!"
    I was offended. .. She said she reads my "Sick fantasies." at Writing,com.
    That amused me and I smiled, "Do you masturbate?"  She was furious ...
    Oh, I suppose masturbation is offensive too?

    I saw a movie where I man hammered a nail threw the tip of his penis into a piece of wood.
    He walked about naked in his apartment with the wood nailed to his penis.
    His wife video taped him.. It was documentary on masochist... I was disturbed, but not offended.
    It just seemed to me to be his choice and I found it entertaining.

    What is perverse nowadays? 
    I've celebrated another birthday and a cute Russian girl offered me a hug.
    I slid my hand down her back to squeeze her firm butt... She was offended.
    I just don't understand these taboos.. It's that odd okward moment that can get you arrested.

    High school was a free for all of sexual experimentation and violence.
    There was a daycare center in my high school and police .. Some students were
    shooting up in the bathrooms and some had sex .. I used the bathroom at the Pizza Shop
    across the street.  A female teacher was raped in a empty classroom.
    A drug dealer was murdered in the hallway, between classes.. That offended me.

    I'm just pissed The Naked News is censored on You Tube.
    Now I'll have to pay for it.


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