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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #1968160
You must kill to survive.

                      The attorney sneered at his client,  "It's sad. You can't be normal."

                        "I am. You just can't accept me. Your life is driven by material success and wealth.
                        I am neither ... I am a Herald." Sarah sat back in the office.

                        "Look. I don't care if your dead or a mutant, but you have to conform to the standards of society.
                        If you are dead, then you need to get an ID stating you are dead. That way people
                        can make an informed decision to associate with you. If. however, you are not human,
                        then you will be taken to a lab for study."  the attorney yawned and sipped some water.

                        Sarah stretched out her arms and a halo appeared behind her head. "I am a Herald."

                        The stenographer seated beside the attorney stopped typing.  "Oh?" the attorney smirked.

                        "GIA wishes you to know that there are too many people in the world and she will reduce their numbers."
                        Sarah said and then sat back down.

                        "Another doomsday prophecy. How dull and you still haven't answered my question, "Are you human?"
                        Sarah gave a toothy smile, "Of course, my people are the ancestors of humanity."
                          "Thank you. Will give you an ID tag: WARNING ANGEL WITH HALO." that's all I needed.
                          "Please make yourself comfortable, while we process you." the attorney said while exiting the office
                          with the stenographer.

                          Sarah picked up a pencil from the table and read the label on the side:  "Made in Hell."
                          She stood up quickly and looked about the office ; there was no door or windows.
                          How could this be? 
                          Of course, the Origin was behind this.  "He is the prince of lies!" Sarah cursed.
                          The room began to spin and then everything in it floated up into the center of the room.

                          "I must concentrate." the Angel focused and slipped through the ceiling like mist.
                          Sarah had to travel through miles of magma to reach the surface of a nude beach.
                          "Many Sun worshipers" she proclaimed with a thunderous voice.
                          A boy ran up to her and asked why she was under the sand.
                          "Holy smokes!" the boy shrieked and ran back to his naked mother.
                          The sand had fallen off her, an Angel is as radiant as the Sun; Apollo.

                          Sarah looked about her ..
                          How strange these people are to her.. She knew their ancestors, who were covered in thick fur.
                          Sarah covered her radiance again with sand.
                          "Can you see me now?" she asked with a gentle smile.  The crowd of nudists answered yes.
                          "I must do my mother's bidding." she continued and with a clap of her hands all the nudist vanished.
                          Sarah could sense GIA's approval and knelt before the waves in prayer:

                          "I have many more people to set free and I will not let the Prince of lies deceive me."

                          Reflections: Can this Angel of death be good? Or is she a Demon from Hell?

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