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by Mravce
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How Christmas makes me feel
The day before Christmas

         Shhh, listen a snowflake just touched the ground! The season of joy has arrived!! Quick, come over here, look outside it is magical! Christmas lights are lighting up as dusk tip-toes its way around the town. And these beautiful white crystals are dancing away to the Christmas carols, uniting as they reach a surface, piling up, giving everything a round shape. Come see how the night glows, come smell the smoke from the chimneys, come take my hand and let the snow crunch beneath your feet. Can you hear it, can you hear Santa's sleigh? Can you hear the bells, his Ho Ho Ho's, can you smell the cookies? Isn't it beautiful, all this happiness, gratefulness and selflessness? Let the magic take you away, let it play with you like kids with red cheeks on a cold winter's day. Let it hit you like a snowball out of nowhere, let it splash all over you, let it go down your back and make your spine shiver! And then let it warm you up like a crispy fireplace, a gulp of hot chocolate, a fuzzy blanket, a pair of worn gloves...

Put your boots on and grab your coat, take the first step in that field of perfect whiteness, absorb the feeling completely, let it make you want to jump and dance and make snow angles, and then step away just to look at your masterpiece! Put your scarf on and run freely, say hello to every snowman that smiles at you, wave at every gingerbread man looking at you deliciously from the bakery window. Put your knitted toque on and look up high! Can you see the thrill on that child's face as he is lifted up to put the star on top of the Christmas tree? Can you see that old lady in an apron baking the day away? Can you feel all the love, can you let it intoxicate you like the smell of burning candles?

Come taste the tenderness of Christmas dinner, sit down and enjoy the sound of unwrapping presents, look around and take in all the hope in the air! Let the spirit of giving embrace you, let it take you up in the sky and put you on a soft white cloud. Look down between the snowflakes, can you see grandmas knitting next to the fireplace, can you see grandpas with shovels and salt, can you see mothers hugging their children and fathers playing Santa? Now spread the joy like sprinkles on cake, use the whole bag don't hold back!

         Shhh, listen a wish just flew by! The season of dreams has arrived! Quick come over here, look inside it is peaceful. Children are tucked in as their minds behind their closed eyes make their way to wonderland. And these bundles of thoughts are carried away by the eagerness of tomorrow morning, wrapping up as they float all the way beneath the Christmas tree, putting a smile on every child's face. Come see how the lights go off, come look at heads sinking in pillows, come climb in bed and let the covers engulf your body. Can you remember it, can you remember the letter to Santa? Can you remember your childhood wish, your favorite toy, can you taste the warm milk? Isn't it beautiful, all this carelessness, warmth and innocence? Let the peacefulness take you away, let it make you sleepy like a bedtime story from your mother's lips. Let it hug you like your favorite teddy bear, let it press on you tightly, let it feel soft and fluffy and make you feel safe. And then let it make you fall into deep sleep like the last spark in the fireplace, the filament in the last Christmas light, a baby bear deep in its cave, an impatient child on Christmas' eve...

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