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by Mravce
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This is how I envision a conversation between the young me and the old me to go.
Take your life and look at it good,
Do you see what you think you should?
Is it all that you’ve ever dreamt of?
Or do you wish you had more love?
Pick up the lid and smell what’s inside,
A rotten soul or a peaceful mind?
Your dirty little secrets hidden under the bed,
All the nasty things that you have ever said,
Do they make you think of sadness and regret?
Or of everyone that you have ever met?
You sweep up your sorrow under the rug,
Disguise your tears as water in your mug.
But the taste is salty and the bump is massive,
Do you not think that’s a bit suggestive?

If I ever broke your enormous, thick walls,
If I let myself in through one of your doors,
Will I see you there standing with open arms?
Or will I face the sharp swords of your numerous guards?
If I took your hand and lead you away,
If I wanted in flowery fields next to you to lay,
Would you say I am crazy, would you let my hand go?
Or would you perhaps whisper with a voice very low:
‘Eternity is a long, long time,
It’s a place of forever, with a blurry line.
My life is what I have taken for granted,
All I have had, all I have spent it!
If I take you with me your heart will be split,
Between hope and love, and a broken dead spirit.’

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