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by Mravce
Rated: E · Poetry · Comedy · #1968345
The feelings of the hungry student...
As the dawn gets nearer and nearer

My stomach screams really loud and clear:

'Feed me child, and feed me fast

There is no more time, you've had enough rest!'

As I scratch my eyes and sleepily yawn,

My stomach growls: Get up, it's dawn!

And without any protest I listen, I obey,

'Yes master I will eat the hunger away!'

I step in the kitchen, the tiles are cold,

Wtf was that? I pick my foot up: Yuck, that looks old!

How long it has been there, I cannot say,

But it was once food, and now it has to be thrown away!

I should have eaten it while it was still good,

Have I not heard of the 5 second rule!

And now I stand here, in a very bad mood,

One man's trash was once his jewel!

I open the fridge, frown and then close the damn door!

Wait, hold on, was that leftover food from before?

The light goes on again and I stare and I hope,

Oh wait that's my roommate's! That's not mine, nope!

Oh shut up, stop growling...Well fine I shall cook!

If my mom were here now, I could be reading a book.

I turn around, only to find everything in the sink,

Now I have to do the dishes too! Oh man how they stink!

I dry my hands and take out all the food I got,

Jesus Christ, I have to fry eggs in a pot!

What the hell? I have no more cheese,

Maybe I'll just add extra salt on these!

And my bread is frozen? Oh, give me a break,

I'd try and toast it, but I don't have in what to bake!

My plate looks awful, half empty, half sad,

It's a disgrace compared to the meals I once had!

Oh how I lust for those long lost days,

I close my eyes and I see food on trays!

Lots and lots, and it is all mine,

Oh well at least I know of such times.

So I can dream and remember that wonderful taste,

My alternative of sugar, is now tooth paste!

I guess I can take some water and flavor it,

Some like to drink their coffee, I tend to savor it!

I take a sip and hear a weird sound,

What is wrong with you, why are you being loud?

Stop it I beg of you, I just ate!

Stop growling, stop! Close that gate!

What do you mean it wasn't enough?

Please, you're making this tough?

I can hear it saying, it still wants me to eat:

'I know you just ate, but you didn't have any sweets!'

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1968345-Im-still-hungry-for-some-sweets