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by Mravce
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Why do we allow to be hurt repeatedly?
Hey there darling is everything alright?
I heard I made you cry the other night!
So what now, are you going to be mad,
Hey I am talking to you, hey, hello
...you are making me feel bad!

It's okay child, you can ignore,
Hell, you can even call me a whore,
But just know this, and I'll make sure you do,
Deep in my heart I will forever love you!
So much in fact that I will tell you again,
And we'll see if you'll still hate me then.

Hello, hey, I'm still talking here,
Where are you going, turn back around dear!
Oh but of course, this is totally you,
A whiny little bitch, without any clue!
And here I was thinking you were bigger than that.
Sure, yeah, maybe I did something bad,
But you cannot face it, 'oh no not again'!
So what if I did it? Well fuck it, I can!

Where are you going? Come back over here!
What is your problem, wipe off that stupid tear!
There, there honey, everything is alright,
I don't want to make you cry, oh no not tonight...
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