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what will happen when Rebecca discovers that humans aren't the only things walking around.
i'm sitting in the DB bistro in new York city when it all starts. i would have never guessed that the beginning of my life would start here. i also would've never of guessed that the most amazing thing in my life would appear that night.

i look up from my stake and see something. something not human. something strange. it was just a trick of the light. or was it. i look back at my stake. its the same as everything else around me. Boring and dull. or everything was boring and dull until he walked into the room. he was, is, the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. he has golden hair that falls to his shoulders in perfect curly locks of perfect golden hair. he has gorgeous golden eyed that i could seriously swim in. i didn't know he was walking over to my table until he literally said, "hey can i sit here or is this seat taken?". i nod. he pulls out the chair and sits.
"your Rebecca, right?" he asks.I don't realize that the fact that he knows my name should be a good enough reason to question him, i'm to lost in his deep eyes.
"yeah i'm Rebecca Goldenkey. who are you?" i ask.
he just smiles. he has that sort of bad boy/mysterious guy look. he is so hypnotizing. i feel a longing to put my hand on his arm.
"Ethan Halliway." i smile as he tells me his name. Ethan. he takes his hoodie of and i see a tattoo on his collar bone. it looks like a... pentagram on fire. i remember my old friend from my last school. she was into witchcraft.
Ethan sees me staring at his tattoo.
"you can see it cant you." he says. he seems glad and relieved but at the same time confused and mad.
his eyes seem to flask purple then without warning the place around me starts to flash. it flashes green, then blue then another five colors before finally stopping in a dark room.
"w...w... where are we?" i ask in a frightened voice. on second i was in the DB bistro now i'm... here.
"oh sorry, i totally forgot you didn't know. ill fill you in in a second just wait here." he says in a rushed voice. he turns for the door and shuts it behind him.
"THIS IS KIDNAP YOU KNOW.'' i shout after him.

when he finally comes back he brings two other people with him. a girl and a guy.
"just tell her." says the guy.
"you cant just tell her. she will probably have a frickin' stroke." says Ethan.
" i agree with him. we cant just go in and tell her," says the girl. i have no idea what there talking about. tell me what. the continue arguing weather or not to tell me. finally the guy steps out from there little group and says,
"oh shut up you two. i'm just gonna tell her," he faces me. "your a god damn witch. a very powerful one to. in fact more powerful then any of us." he looks at me for a while. expecting something. when i start to fall to the ground he doesn't look like he expecting that...
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