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by Klynn
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Kat spends her first night with Aleksander, unknowing he is a vampire

    Once the bedroom door closed behind us, I took a moment to look around the spacious room.  Decorated tastefully in white with maroon splashes here and there, the room held very little in the way of furniture.  A dresser was against one wall, hanging above it was a 64 inch flat screen television, and two night stands on each side of the head of a king sized, four poster bed covered with deep maroon sheets, comforter, and pillows.  The room held two other doors, one to a nice sized bathroom with            a large, sunken whirlpool bath and the other leading to a balcony overlooking the ocean.  Crossing the floor, I stepped out onto the balcony and smiled as I felt the ocean breeze on my face.

         Standing on the balcony, my gaze panned the tempestuous swells of the ocean as the summer storm had moved closer to land since the time of our stroll on the beach.  Now that we were alone in his bedroom, my mood quickly started to match the surge of the water fed breeze, fierce and driven.  My heart longed to be with him, my body ached for his touch.  These sensations were new to me as no one had ever made me feel this way, especially after one meeting.  However, this was the night I was giving into these urges.  He was to be the one to take me for the first time.  The sounds and smells of the ocean added to the excitement as my heart started to beat faster in my chest in the growing anticipation.  Being caught up in the thought, I never heard him walk up behind me

         “Such a beautiful sight...”  He said softly in my ear as he wrapped his arms around my waist, palms resting flat on my taut belly.  With his chin resting on my right shoulder, he nibbled playfully at my earlobe.

         “Yes, it is.”  I answered softly as my head tilted slightly to the left as I felt his lips on my lobe.  My now slightly trembling hands move to rest on the back of his on my stomach as I tried to control the growing anxiety that threatened to overcome me and cause my sense of flight to kick in before I embarrassed myself beyond repair by going through with what was planned.  In the back of my mind, all I could think about was that he would be sorry he chose me to spend the night with as I was positive my lack of experience would cause him to be unsatisfied in the end.

`          “I was talking about you.”  Alek whispered in a low, almost growling tone before moving his lips to my neck, placing soft kisses on the tender flesh as he inhaled the soft scent of my perfume deeply.

         Closing my eyes, a soft moan rumbled in my throat as I tilted my head more to the left, allowing him free access to my neck.  My hands moved from resting on his to where my right hand slipped to the side of his head, my left roaming down to his left hip.  Kissing up from the nape to my ear, he whispered softly.

         “I want you Kat.  I want to be deep within you, to take you right here and now.”  He growled hungrily, pressing his hips to my ass hard enough that I could feel his bulge through our clothing.

         I turned slowly to face him.  My dark, sultry hues got lost in the lusty storms of his cerulean blue orbs.  I could not speak.  His strength and beauty captivated me. How could I resist? The most handsome man I had ever known was standing before me, holding me in his gentle embrace. His skin was somewhat pale, but none the less he was magnificent. All I could do was stare at his face, lost to all other thoughts of place and time.

His hands came up to tenderly cup each side of my face as a warm smile crossed his perfect lips.  “So beautiful, so pure, are you sure you wish to do this?”  He asked in a soft, caring tone.

         After the few seconds it took for my mind to register he was speaking to me, I nodded my consent as I swallowed, what felt like my heart, down from my throat back to where it belonged nestled behind my ribs.  “I’m sure.”  I replied softly as a smile of my own raised the corners of my lips.

         His hands gently caressed my face as he brought our lips together in what felt like an explosion of deep-seated emotion.  His kiss was soft and passionate.  His hands moved from my face and slowly started to roam across my shoulders and down my arms to my waist.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me close as I felt his hands start to roam along my body once again.

              My world seemed to be reeling, spinning out of control.  So many emotions, thoughts, and feelings were bombarding me from every side.  I had never felt this way with anyone.  In fact, in my whole life I had never been around anyone so bold, passionate, and beautiful. 

    He slowly ran his hand under my shirt and my body tingled at the feather light touch of his fingertips.  His hand found my right breast and gave it a gentle squeeze over the soft cotton bra.  I could feel my nipple harden and become sensitive, pressing against the cloth and his palm.  A shudder coursed through my body as a hunger for him burned deep in my loins.  His other hand moved down and unfastened my pants before slipping beneath them and between my legs to lightly rub the mound of sensitive flesh over the moist lace of my panties.  Pushing the material to the side, he slipped his finger between the folds as he rubbed slowly from the front to the back, teasingly.  I could not help but whimper as I could feel my hidden pearl starting to throb in my growing desire.

      His hands left my body long enough to undress me, peeling first the shirt and then my pants from me like peeling a banana.  Next he carefully removed my bra and panties, leaving all in a nice pile at my feet.  My hands then moved to nervously and slowly undress him, as my gaze drank in his strong features.  We both stood before each other, dressed only in our skin, he pressed his body to mine and our lips met once again in a forceful, lust driven embrace.


      Pulling back from the kiss, he picked me up and carried me back to the bed.  Laying me down gently, he then climbed on top of me before leaning down and kissing me once more.  Closing my eyes, I gave into him willingly, body and soul, thus giving way to pure ecstasy.  Our bodies moved in perfect harmony and he was so gentle and loving.  After the rapture had dimmed to but a glow, I lay there looking up to him.  He smiled down to me, softly caressing my face with his cool, pale hand.

         “How do you feel?”  He asked softly, a look of genuine concern in his eyes.

         “Like I just experienced a taste of heaven.”  I admitted softly before realizing how sappy it sounded.

         “I think I would have to agree.” He replied with a warm smile. 

          I could feel my cheeks flushing at his words as I smiled brightly up to him.  “Really? Wow.”  I returned like a silly child.

         Alek chuckled and nodded as his fingers played in the hair on the side of my head. “Yes, really.”


         Carefully he moved from on top of me over to lay next to me on the bed.  Reaching to the nightstand nearest him, he took a remote control off it and aimed it first at the television.  It soon came to life with a scene of a crackling fire in a fire place.  He then aimed it at the balcony door and pressed a button.  Slowly heavy curtains start to move, propelled by a soft humming motor, to cover the door completely.  Replacing the remote on the night stand, he then turns onto his side to face me before gently pulling me to him.

      Turning onto my side to face him, one of my arms moved to curl under my pillow as the other reaches up to allow the tips of its dainty digits to tenderly graze along his cheek.  He smiled as one of his hands moved along my side and over the curve of my hip.

    “Thank you for staying with me Kat.”  He whispers softly before kissing my forehead.

    “Thank you for asking me to.”  I replied just as softly as my hand moved from his face to rest on his chest.

    “It was my pleasure, I assure you.  I would love it if we could spend more time together.”

      I was stunned to say the least.  As remarkable as the time with him had been, I had figured it would be a one night thing.  Seeing as how he was a high class business man, and I a mere barely middle class secretary, working my way through college, him wanting to spend time with me on a continual basis seemed highly far-fetched.  After letting his words sink in a moment, I nodded as I replied softly, honestly.  “I would like that also.”

         “Great! Do you have plans for the day today? “ He asked curiously as he reached down and pulled the covers over us.

         “No, not really.    Sundays are usually pretty quiet for me, why?” I returned as I snuggled into him comfortably.

         “Would you be willing to spend the day with me here?  I would love to rest with you in my arms and then when we get up this evening, I would like to take you out for a night on the town.  Are you interested?”

         “Very, thank you.  I would like that very much.”  I return happily knowing Jenna will be very upset when she hears how I spent the rest of my weekend after she ditched me.

         “Then it’s settled.”  Leaning down, he kissed me once more, a soft, tender, loving kiss before whispering.  “Until tonight then, sweet dreams.”

         “Until tonight, goodnight.”  I reply before closing my eyes.  The smile never left my lips as  I drifted off into a beautiful, peaceful sleep filled with pleasant dreams.

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