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This is based around my Sonic fan character and supervillain, Griefan Nathaniel Bradanska.
Griefan Nathaniel Bradanska awoke from his slumber one morning in his giant sized race car bed on his homeworld of Antt-Moebius. His alarm clock when off and so Grief smashed it to pieces while groaning. While his eyes where dilating Grief's pet chao "Ozzy" flew over to him. Grief stared at his chao, which had grown to giant size as well mimicking his master.

"Good morning Ozzy." Said Griefan to his pet Chao while rubbing its head.

"Chao Chao." The Chao said. The chao had altered its form in the past to mimic Grief, it had a sinister smile on and its color scheme was purple, black, and green.

Grief looked around the room. He made sure that Ozzy had enough water and food to eat. Then he got up and put on his socks, shoes, bracelets, and made sure his hair was right. After that he put on his giant book bag and went out the door.

"See you later Ozzy, I might bring you back a toy later." Grief said as he exited and closed the door.

Grief went outside and walked out at 15 meters/50ft tall. He stomped a path away from the city of Siag as he did not want to cause trouble on his own planet's cities. He walked over to where the Federation kept its portal array's and shrunk down to the normal size of a Moebian child and sneaks onto the facility.

"Lets see, which portal was it again?" Grief looked around.He then saw one where some AMA soldiers and came out with a GUN soldier.

"Ha ha! Bingo!" He said.

Grief then grew to about 12ft/3.6576 meters and ran towards the portal. Grief was slow, but he knew the soldiers would not stop him.

"Hey kid stop!" Shouted one of the troopers.

"NA NA NA NA!" Grief said as he went past him and jumped into the portal.

A portal opened up outside an GUN city and Grief jumped out. Â Grief stared around at the city from afar. He could not wait to have his fun and wasted little time moving towards the city.

"Oh boy! I am going to have so much fun today!" Grief let out as he laughed manically.

Grief grew back to his favorite size as he stomped towards the city, while trying to avoid stepping on trees and anything of nature. With each step he took the earth shook and his giant shoes made a loud boom, as well as left a giant shoe print in the dirt.

People could hear the tremor of his feet and saw him heading towards them in the distance. Many people got out of their cars and started to flee. Others stared as they where shocked and stunned by the unbelievable sight they where witnessing.

Grief entered the city limits, he pushed down a wall built to protect the city and walked in. His shadow was cast over the people fleeing. They gazed up at his sinister grin on his face and many where screaming and running for their lives.

"Heh, I always love it when they run away." Grief said as he stomped down on the street.

Grief watched as the people fled in terror. He roared just to mess with them.

Grief then proceeded to advance. He used his tail to knock over a building. The building fell on the street and shattered leaving a pile of dust.

"Opps." Grief said as he snickered.

Soon Grief heard police sirens from police cars  and he could see the cars speeding towards him. To Grief they where toy sized, and very fragile.

"These losers again, you think they would know not to mess with the giant fox boy." Grief said in a  mockingly manner.

The police cars stopped and they set up a blockade. The police men and SWAT teams got onto the hoods of their cars and aimed at Grief. Grief stared down at them and thought to himself "I am in a good mood today."

The police and SWAT members opened up on Grief with every gun they could muster. Grief started to advance as the bullets would do little to him. He stomped towards the police men , with each step the police had trouble keeping aim as he would make the cars jumped up and down. Grief got right over them and lifted up his leg. The police started to prey as they knew Grief had a reputation of making "police pancakes" out of officers. Â

Instead Grief just lifted his giant leg over the blockade and stepped down on the other side, sparring the policemen. Then Grief turned his face around, stuck out his tongue mockingly, and slapped his rear end in a tauntingly way.

The policemen and Swat teams continued to fire their weaponry at the giant sized fox child. They fired at his back, his legs, his tail, and even at his hind quarters, but without a clear shot at his ears or his eyes they where powerless to stop him. All they could do is sit and watch as Grief walked away while laughing and knocking buildings over.

Grief then proceeded to walk towards an intersection. He stepped over the traffic lights and placed his giant feet in the middle of rush hour.

"Lets see how many cars crash into me today." Grief said as he grinned and look down.

A car that was going past the speed limit came rushing down the street. It was carrying two escaped convicts who where going to be on death row, but escaped jail, and where fleeing from the police. While one gunman fired at the police cars pursuing behind , another drove like a madman not caring who got injured. The police car was forced to stay back as it needed to call for backup. The convicts thought they got away and started laughing. Then they turned their head's around from watching to police cars behind them and saw Grief's gigantic sneaker.

The two convicts screamed and tried to put on the breaks, but it was too late, they collided with Grief's giant sneaker and both died. Grief leaned over and looked at the car that was totaled from the impact of his gigantic shoe. Fortunately the pursuing police car was able to put on its breaks way before it got near Grief and was able to avoid from being spotted by the giant child.

"Heh heh. That is one..." Grief said as he chuckled and watched it burn.

On the other side of the highway a truck driver carrying fuel was heading towards the intersection. The driver had gone insane from his wife divorcing him and leaving him with nothing. He got so enraged that after getting in his truck while he was  being yelled by his boss,  he took the truck and decided to go out with a bang by ramming it into a nearby school.

The mad trucker went faster and faster while laughing insanely, he hated the world and wanted to give it the finger before dying. He sped towards the intersection over the speed limit as well, but what he did not count on was Grief being there. Â By the time the mad driver could put on the brakes it was too late. The diesel truck collided with Grief's shoe instantly killing the driver and causing the fuel tank to explode at Grief's foot.

"OWWWWWWW!!!!" Grief said as he instinctively lifted up his leg.

Grief then began hopping on one foot in pain, each hop making the ground tremor.
"Ow ow ow ow ow!" Grief said while biting his tongue and trying to bear the pain.
A nearby fire truck had gotten an distress call that a residential building had caught fire. The fire team was quickly dispatched to rescue the innocents caught up in the tragedy.

The fire truck sped down the road putting on its sirens, which Grief did not notice as he was in too much pain. The truck went past his leg and got out of distance before he put it down again and was the pain stopped. Grief watched the fire truck that whizzed avoided him.

"Hey!" Grief said as he stomped trying to chase the truck.

"Get back here you! " Grief said as he chased it.

Grief then was able to get to the scene of the disaster. Â A building was on fire and the fire men could not keep the water on long enough to put it out. Grief was about to grab and crush the fire truck when he heard the voice of a little boy with his giant fox ears.

"Help! Mommy! " Said the boy trapped in the inferno.
Grief could not stand the thought of a little child getting hurt so he went over to the building and started to blow out the fire. He reached his gigantic hand after he blew out some of the flames and picked out the child, then he put him safely on the ground.

"You ok?" Said Grief. Â

The child started to cry...

"Mommy was in the bed...She told me not to play with the power outlet, but I did not listen!!" The child said as he started to cry.

"Rats!" Grief said as he then proceeded to blow out the flames and lift the roof off the building. He could see the mother who went unconscious, and he picked her out of the building just before the heater next to her went off. Grief then proceeded to put her down next to an ambulance team. They then put her on a stretcher and the boy was given medical attention.

The firemen and doctors cheered for Griefan after he did this.

"Thank you giant monster, you saved those peoples lives!" Said one fire fighters.

"No I didn't..." Grief replied trying not to feel heroic.

" I just wanted to tear the roof off the building...Also I wanted to do this." Grief said as he leaned down and pinched one of the tires of a nearby police car making the tire go flat. Then Grief walked off trying to stay away from all the positive attention he was getting.

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