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What will happen when Selene moves in with her mum in NYC and meets the guy of her dreams.
Chapter Three. Home Sweet Home.

"Darling! I haven't seen you in ages." Mom cries out as she come towards me to give me one of her (in)famous bear hugs.
"Hey mom. How have you been?"
"Just wonderful. And you?"
"Fine." I say as I dodge her sloppy kisses. Mom's alright when it comes to parenting business but the down side is that she still thinks i'm ten when i'm sixteen. When she is done kissing and hugging me I duck of to my room to escape her. I think about calling Dylan but it would probably be to soon. So I decide to ask mom if there are any local cafes around here. I walk into the massive dining/living room and find mom reading a magazine.
"Hey mom. Are there any cafes around here?" I ask. I am just craving a nice hot creamy coffee anywhere but here.
"Yeah, there's one a couple of blocks from here. Whats it called," She says tapping her chin like they do in movies, "Oh, The Lucky Star Cafe." She says.
"Thanks mom." I say before she goes back to reading something about reducing age wrinkles.

*Star*The Lucky Star Cafe*Star*
I read the Massive sign outside the small cafe. It's nothing compared to the cafes around my old place in Australia but i guess it will have to do.
I walk inside and take a look around. There's grey tables with yellow table cloths, grey chairs, a grey counter and gray tiles. Boring. I sit at a grey two person table. I stare at the menu. "Hmm."
Eventually i decide to get a 3 piece Golden Pancakes With Banana for $3.99 and Stuffed Grape Leaves for $2.95. As I wait for my food i notice a two teenagers around my age sitting at a table across from me. A boy and a girl.
"Can we go soon? All this human food is making me sick." complained the girl.
"No way, we have to wait for Dylan." The name Dylan makes me jump to attention.
"Fine what ever." says the girl. The waiter arrives with my food. As I eat slowly someone walks into the shop. It takes A moment for my eyes to adjust but when they do I recognize him as Dylan. He walks over to the teenagers table.
"You guys ready?'' He asks.
"We have been waiting for an hour of course we're ready." Says the girl.
"Sorry I took so long I bumped into her."
"What you mean her?" asks the guy.
"I mean her. the goddess one. The witch." At first i think he's crazy or that he is talking about some one else.
"She had long messy hair and forest green eyes. Just like her." Says dylan.
"Are you sure it was her?" Says the guy.
"Uh-huh. She even asked me who Belial was." Says Dylan closing the conversation.
"Lets just go. We have some demon but to kick, actually kill." says the girl. They all get up and walk out the door. Being the girl I am I follow them.
They finally stop at an alley way.
"Where is it?" asks Dylan. Just as he says that a big purple, bubbling thing with massive fangs jump at him. Straight away the girl stabs it with her... knife? Just as she does I scream and it gets away. Everyone looks at me.
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