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Letter written to myself for the DEAR ME CONTEST 2014
Dear Me:

This year, 2014 is a precious gift from your heavenly father because you have lived to see it and can now with His help do many worthwhile activities and have many accomplishments. Your can do many activities and reach out to help people on WdC. You have the ability and skills to read, write, review, enter contests and do much more, so make this work a priority and enjoy the gift points as a bonus.

Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else will follow.

Studying scripture is very important, because feeding your spirit is as important as feeding your body. Whenever you want to fly, uplift your spirit by reading scripture and related content. You will have that feel light and feel good feeling.

Share Gods word with people whenever the opportunity presents it's self or look for the door which God has opened for you. The blessings will flood your life because God will be well pleased.

Have fun and laugh as much as you can because laughter is good for the body and for the soul. It's fun to share laughter and enjoy friendships.

When things get tough the tough get going, most importantly however is, with God all things are possible.

Spend time with Luna, your Christmas present because she will keep you warm and cozy, help you with writing this letter, cheer for you as you meet challenges, and remind you of the love of God whos' plan of redemption saved you by and through the gift of Jesus Christ your savior. Your thinking is very important to and has much to do with how you will react to what life has to offer. If you think you can, you are right. If you think you can not, you are right. We all have choices and making the correct choice will determine the rest of your life. Work out your salvation with fear (respect of and for God) and trembling (being extremely cautious and careful). Luna a gift from God one of His creatures is a blessing which you should love and cuddle with as you think on important matters of God, writing, life choices, and the future.

God made the plants in your home, so see God in them, enjoy their beauty, and care for them because it is good exercise, keeps arthritis from making you stiff, and you will be limber enough to type, yeah! Writing is sharing thoughts with you and the computer. WdC is sharing your thoughts and word art with other writers. This too is a gift from God. He gave it to you so that you can share His word, the scriptures with people, use this gift well.

Shining His light unto the world via the internet, use the God given talents you have for good, write with might for readers delight, and don't give up living for yourself and God to the fullest.

Vision challenges, hearing loss, and mobility challenges give you the knowledge and opportunity to help people who live with with disabilities. You can relate to their situations, give advice, also explain to them how to teach their dogs to be service dogs, after all you have trained several dogs for yourself through the years.

Animals and you go together and work well together, so enjoy your relationship with them and the people who love them. Visiting with people and their pets is something that you can do to brighten their days and help them understand what their pets need to have a happy, balanced, and fulfilled life. Your background in dog psychology and training is a precious gift you can give to anyone who is willing to accept your help and knowledge. By teaching the humans and sharing with them, the knowledge you have, you are making life for everyone much better. When dogs have the proper leadership, they are balanced, happy, and will not get into trouble which may get them killed. My last sentence should get your attention, so that you will act upon the information, and focus on your need to take care of Gods creatures and build your relation with God.

When you work to build friendships, write the best content possible, and enjoy as many activities as possible on WdC, you will help to make peoples lives better for them. Give yourself the gift of writing, enjoying your animal friends, taking care of your house plants, and most importantly having a regular and close relationship with your heavenly father. You've been well blessed. Pass on the blessings and god will be well pleased. Your home in heaven has been prepared for you and is waiting until you have finished the tasks given to you by God. When it is time for you to go home to be with Him, He will take you into His mansions.

Until this time arrives, you have free will and can decide what you will do in the future. The future awaits and all you need to do is be a part of the good and bright side of life. Showing people that life can be very, very good gives the gift of life to people who may be in what they think of as their worst circumstances. You have the gifts and abilities to relate to their circumstance and so may be able to help them. Go forth and build up people rather than taking them down and burying them and crushing their spirit. This you can do for you, them, and God.

You are valuable to God and so, have worth. You are His creation and He cares about and for you. Share this and you will receive in return. Keep the faith and don't quit.

I now leave you to ponder and consider these words. I'm the messenger within your head who gives guidance and ideas for being creative and helpful.

With God all is possible. Believe and work through the challenges so that you are able to accomplish what God asks of you and your goals. Take time to relax and smell the roses. Everyone matters and can help each other. Friendships are valuable and important. Nourish your friendships so that they will grow. You and your friends, and your animals friends will have much better lives because you worked on giving of yourself, your time, and your energy and talent.

Love you and share this love with people you meet, friends, family, animals, and when ever God opens a window or door for your love to enter into another persons world.

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