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My 2014 entry in writing.com's Dear Me: Official contest
Dear Me,

Twenty-thirteen has past, disappeared into the fog of yesterday. All the tears, happiness, terrors, struggles, failures, and victories of that year are now memories haunting my dreams. It is now time to turn my back on everything except the lessons of defeat and joys of achievements. It is time to turn my back on the past and look forward to the future.

Twenty-fourteen has arrived, stepped out of the mist of nonexistence. It is a new year full of potential, hope, struggles to overcome fears, and the joys of success concealed in the months ahead. I have the talent to succeed at whatever I choose to do, but I cannot succeed unless I let go of the past and do not look back. I have to pretend that I am Lot's wife and looking back I will turn me into a pillar of salt. Since I do not want to become a pillar of salt that the wind and rain will dissolve I cannot afford to look back.

Therefore, from this day hence, I will look ahead while remembering the lessons of the past. I must remember that grammar and spelling are my weak points and that I have to put any stories, essays, articles, or monologues through a grammar and spell check before submitting them to a contest. I must remember that I have difficulties when it comes to knowing the difference between then or than, so I have to check the definitions in the dictionary before using those words in a sentence. I must remember that sometimes my fingers mistype simple and easy to spell words, so I have to read a piece over two or three times before submitting it to a publication.

My goals for 2014 are (1) to write 2,000 words consistently each day, (2) submit my work to on-line magazines for publication, (3) create a group on writing.com called United in Our Grief, and (4) purchase a 12-month premium membership to writing.com. I have now set the goals, how do I plan to achieve them and by what date. The deadline for purchasing a 12-month premium membership is my writing.com twelfth anniversary, October 31, 2014. I will do this by putting aside $14.00 extra a month in my savings account. I will keep up my present 3-month premium membership by reviewing. I have to review at least 3 items a day, and enter contests on writing.com.

The deadline for setting up the group, United in Our Grief, is March 21, 2014. In January, I will study how to sit up the group and write the Mission Statement by January 31, 2014. Then in February I will set up the group forum, I will determine what else I need to do by February 28, 2014. I suspect I could do this in less time, but I need to allow for life's expected and unexpected interruptions, as well as, working on the other goals.

In January, I will pick out six on-line websites or e-zines to submit my work. I will then research the websites and submit one item per month for the next six months. I will submit a short story, poem, or flash fiction piece to one of the publications by the end of each of the following months February, March, April, May, June, and July.

This brings me to the 2,000 words per day goal, which I have to admit is sometimes difficult for me to accomplish consistently. Working on the other goals will help me to achieve this goal. In addition, I will make the word count for all blog entries at least 200 words. I will also work on one longer piece of 500 to 1,000 words each day. On those days when I have doctors' appointment, I will take my pen and paper journal and write descriptions or my thoughts. I cannot go to bed at night unless I have accomplished the 2,000 words.

I will reevaluate these goals every quarter during 2014. The first reevaluation will be around March 21, with the rest following every 90 days after that. I will record my progress in one of my writing.com journals or blogs. In addition, I will submit each week's mini goals on Mondays and updates on Fridays to Weekly Goals. As a reward for accomplishing my goals each month, I will take myself out to my favorite Mexican restaurant.

Prosperous Snow

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