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Story about two people, adult themed but will take a while to get there.
During the first few weeks, Kate and I had compatibility issues. Stemming from we really weren't acquainted with each other's working style, yet. But I was patient, and my patience was rewarded. Every mistake she made, she corrected it promptly and without issue. She did not make the same mistake again. Within a month we were running like a well oiled machine.

Over the next few months, Kate and I were running like we had worked together for years, but then a rumor was circulating about a company audit that was heading our way. It was going around like a bad head cold. Everybody was terrified, about it, and from what I heard I should be, too (...you will be, ...you will be...). Audits were used for two main reasons, one to promote people to different floors, and the other was to demote people to different ones. Once a person got demoted it was nigh impossible to get promoted again. The audit was going to ran by the 'Devil in a Pinstripe Suit' himself, Mr. Spencer, and a mystery man.

The audit would take about seven weeks to fully complete. Three weeks are used to investigate every contract that was finalized and filed between this audit and the last. Another three weeks are spent having 'conversations' with the employees. A report is then, sent the Mr. Verlander, the CEO, for this input, that takes a couple of days to go through. Then rest if the time would be spent informing the employees on where they would be spent, based upon the audit.

The first three weeks, the auditors were hardly ever seen. Their time was spent in either the file/contract room, comparing the 'hard-copies' against the 'soft-copies'. Looking for any discrepancies or inconsistency between them. Or their time was spent in the conference room talking the the recipients of the contracts. During this time the employees are told not the file unless ordered/allowed by Mr. Spencer, himself.

The next three weeks, the auditors call everybody into the conference, two at a time, the employee like I am, and thier assistant, like Kate. They would go into separate rooms. Then go over every contract that they have filed, with both. When or if, they find a mistake, they want an detail explanation about it, from both. Followed by, why it took so long to file those reports. Then last but not least, they go over why some of the recipients aren't happy about those contracts. The reason why they pull both in, is to compare each other's story to make sure they are they aren't lying.

The day of our 'discussion' with the auditors is here, Kate and I are in my 'shoebox' of an office;

"Boss?" She says worriedly. Dress stunningly as usual black blouse and a black skirt, that hugs her curves in all the right places.

"Yes, Katie?" As I looked up from my computer, which I'm playing a mean game of solitaire, because on the day of your 'discussion' you aren't allowed to do any work. But you are allowed to gather your 'evidence', and make sure it's sorted, before you head in.

"Are you worried, on how it's going to go?"

"No, are you?"

"Yes, boss, I'm terrified," she says almost trembling.

"Don't be, it's no point, every contract that we have done has been exceptional, all the customers seems to be happy, there is no point in worrying about what we can not control," I smile.

"Yes, but..."

"But, nothing," I give her a 'its going to be okay' look, "you know what, I bet you dinner that everything will be fine," I say as I start to stand up and walk around the desk.

"Hmm?" She blushing, not expecting that, "Dinner?"

"Yes, lets say," as I sit on the corner of my desk, "I'll take you out dinner if it goes well."

"And if it doesn't?"

"I'll make you dinner, still," I say smiling.

"Well, how can I refuse," she says blushing, while flashings that million dollar smile.

"You can't," I say, as the phone rings.

Kate shakes her head, still smiling, brushed her hair back around one of her ears and picks up the phone, and puts it to said ear, "Mr. Jones' office (shoebox) how can I help you? Okay, yes sir. We are on our way."

She looks up at me, with her soul piercing green eyes through her glasses, "I'm guessing that was it, wasn't?" I say.

"Yes sir, it was."

"I guess it's showtime."

As we stand up I place my hand on her shoulder, and give her a little smile, which then she returns. She places her hand upon mine, and then she squeezes it slightly, then she lays her cheek on the hands. As I start to remove my hand, she squeezes hard, she looks at me with her piercing eyes. Almost telling me not to remove it, and for me not to go. We stand there for about 10 seconds not saying anything, just looking at each other.

We separated and head towards the elevator. As we are standing and waiting on the elevator, some other people join us, too. When the doors open the crowd follows in, us included. We are standing at the back of the elevator waiting for our stop, Kate is standing really close to me and our hands touch. She looks over at me to see if I have notice or not. I glance at her and smile. She flashes a smile as our stop comes up, the 47th floor.

We get out of the elevator and heads towards our designated rooms, for myself the main conference room and for her a mini-conference room that is across from the one main. As we walk up towards our designated ones, we look at each other I smiled and mouth 'Good Luck' to her and she flashes her million dollar smile, nods her head and walks in, as I do.
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