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Story about two people, if you have read so far then you know.
Over the next couple of weeks, while they were finishing up the audit, everybody, at Apex, stayed in edge. Everybody, including Kate, were worried that they would be demoted, or even end up fired. She was snapping easily at people during this time, and this was confused by my attitude. I wasn't worried, I was just my normal, nonchalant self about the whole situation. It wasn't that I didn't care, but the way that I looked at it was, "whatever happens, happens." I told her, " we did everything that we could, it was in their hands now." This seemed to calm her down.

After those weeks, everything seemed to calm back down, it seemed like everybody had completely forgotten about the audit, then Monday happened. I got to work, and headed in and noticed some people leaving like they have been fired. I got to my floor, and headed off the elevator and started walking towards my 'shoebox'. I noticed Kate sitting at her 'shoehorn' busily working, going through emails and the daily mail. "Good Morning, Katie," I say as I'm walking up towards her desk.

She's dressed gorgeous as usual. Her hair is as usual, straight, silky-smooth. Her face has a touch if black eyeshadow that highlights her, sharp soul-piercing, green eyes. A little bit of red cherry lipstick to finish her face off. A golden brown blouse, with two buttons undone, a hip hugging golden brown skirt that come a few inches above her knee. Her legs are covered in black stockings, with her feet wrapped in black 3 inch pumps.

"Good morning, boss, " she smiles, but doesn't look up, because she's reading something, "how was your weekend?" She says as she looks up at me.

It was fine, uneventful, but fine, stayed in and watched some baseball, but that's it, really," I say as I look at the mail, "yours? How's your mother doing?" I genuinely say, as I look back up at her amazing eyes.

"She's, um," getting a little choked up, "she's, ah, the same. The doctors say, that they are going to try something. But I think that they are just trying to keep me hopeful."

Her mother was in a major car crash, she was hit on the driver side door, the driver was going close to seventy miles per hour. The driver was drunk, walked away fine, but now he's in jail, and he may be in there for longer, too. For the past two years, Gloria, Kate's mother has been in an unresponsive coma.

We talk for a few minutes, as I look at the mail, then we start the day as I head into the 'shoebox'. I open the door and with my head down head into the 'shoebox', sit down at my desk, while still going through the mail. A few minutes later, finished up and laid the mail on my desk, and then I saw it, a manila envelope.

What the hell is this? I thought to myself, as I looked at it, "hey Kate?"

"Yes, boss?" She comes in quickly.

"Do you know what this is," I say as I hold up the envelope, "I just noticed it, and I'm wondering if you put it here?"

"No, I haven't been in your office since I got here, and nobody has entered your office either."

"Hmm," I as look at it, "lets open it and see what it is, then." I say with a smile on my face. I open it up:

To: Aden Jones
From: Frank Verlander, CEO of Apex International

To, Mr. Jones,

I was impressed by you straight forwardness, during your audit. That is something hard to find in the line of business. So, I've talked to Mr. Spencer in what position, your talents would be put to use here at Apex, for the near future. Mr. Spencer and I have looked over your contracts and have decided where to move you.

Starting immediately tomorrow, Tuesday, you will be moved to the 34th floor. Your new title will be Senior Marketing Coordinator for the Southeastern U.S.A. of Apex International. You are a little 'wet behind the ears' at only 25, but I have a 'gut feeling' that this will be the right decision in the long run here. My authority is making this possible, Mr. Spencer was not thrilled of this, which that means you are going to have to make even a better impression to him. You will be reporting directly to; myself (CEO of Apex), Mrs. Michelle Wilson (President of Marketing), and Mr. John Spencer (Vice President of Marketing),

These benefits are included for this position:
Salary of $100,000
Traveling stipend
Use of a Learjet
The Manager Benefit Package( see attached package for details)
Bigger Office

Best regards and good luck, and I expect results.

Frank Verlander, CEO of Apex International

I almost faint, Kate looks at me terrified. "What is it, Aden?" I almost vomit, but I hand the piece of paper, and in a daze I drop to my chair like a rock.

She looks mortified as I hand her the paper. Then she starts to read it, I'm still in somewhat if a daze when I hear, "Ah!!! OH MY GOD, Aden!!!!! I look at her, she has the biggest smile on her face, and she's jumping up and down as her enormous breast is moving freely under tight constraints under her blouse. She looks at me with a fiery passion. She jumps over and desk, and lands on me causing the cheap chair to squeak loudly and tip over and we both hit the ground.

"Ohh!" Is all came out of my mouth as I hit the ground. She may only weigh what feels like 115 lbs., but it still hurts when you land on concrete, in an uncomfortable chair.

"How did...?! How...?!" She starts to say but is unable to complete a sentence, "Oh, my God!" Comes out and it seems that's all she can say right now.

She gives me a full kiss on the lips, but I'm not really paying attention, because of the pain, from the fall and that I'm still somewhat in a daze. As we lay on the dirty floor still in my chair, Kate still laying on top of me, I feel her nipples harden, and they feel like steel poking me in the chest.

We could have been laying there for hours, I don't know, but it felt right. Her laying in my arms, and were just looking at each other. She's looking at me with adoration in her eyes, her hair falling down around her face. God she's gorgeous, is all I can think, as she brushes her hair behind her ears. Say something romantic, Aden. "Oh, my back, ow," very romantic, idiot!

"Huh? Oh, oh my God!, I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me, I just lost control" She says as she's blushing, starts to get up, and I can see creamy thighs and the top of the stockings, hello garters, I say to myself. She stands up, "I'm so sorry, boss," she says as she brushes herself off, "here, let me help you get up, sir."

She bends at the knees, goodbye garters, I think, as she helps me up, "Thanks, Katie," as I stand and start to straighten out my suit, "So, I'm guessing you're happy about the news?"

Laughing she, "Yes, you could say," says, as I pop my back, "are you okay, Aden?" Sounding worried.

"I'm fine, I haven't been hit that hard since football," as I start to stretch out the knots.

She looks at me nervously, " Um, Aden, I don't want to sound so rude and straightforward, but what happens to me?"

"What do you mean?" I say, as my back has eased up.

"I mean, what happens to me? You got a letter and I didn't."

Leaning back against my, now former desk, and cross my arms' "Oh, nothing," she looks at me, like I just gutted her, "you still work with me, if that's what you want, Kate," as the adoration comes back across her face, "when you decided to come to work with me, you and I agreed, that we would stick together, through thick and thin, remember, and I keep my promises. Do you?"

Her face has brighten up, she hugs me and gives me a peck on the cheek, "Aden, I would go anywhere you want."
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