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it was another sweltering hot day where people with common sense would be lazing around the pool sipping iced cocktails and complaining about how steam was rising off of the concrete.
this was not one of those days.sure it was hotter than hinges of Hell but that didn't stop the group of policemen sneaking up on a civilians house in full uniform.

Aaron resisted the urge to wipe the perspiration off his forehead, keeping his hands firmly on the standard gun he held in front of him. he signaled for two of his men to get on either side of the front door and then cautiously made his way forward while scanning in all directions.it didn't matter that there were several snipers situated on the surounding roofs or that he had a team of men circling the parameter, he wasn't fool enough to believe that he had an advantage.

Mr. Silver the criminal whose most recent lodgchings they currently surrounded, was in A rons opinion the most dangerous type of criminal, the intelligent type. Worse, Mr. Silver enjoyed toying with his enemies.Aaron shuddered when he remembered one of the cases involving Mr. Siwers work. at the time Mr. Silver had killed about 20 people that they knew about the police had expected another victim when they got the call and instead walked into a room painted in blood...literally...it was a whole bare square of a room, situated in the center of a very nice house, painted in blood.

shaking away those grewsom ememories, Aron nodded to one of his men rwho turned in a flashand slammed his foot harshly against the doorknob.it broken three pieces and the policeman quickly entered the house. they crept quietly through the house, Aaron occasionally checking to make sure his were in position. they treaded cautiously,carefully examining to each step for any nasty surprises.Mr. Silver really enjoyed rubbing a lawman's incompetents in there face. Several policemen had been sliced apart by wire, blown up by mines and cooked in the oven.....don't ask.

That's why Aaron was in charge. he motioned for the man on his right to take two steps to the left, avoiding the next-to-invisible tracking beam that would have seared through the back of his man's head. they moved through the kitchen and living room in made it without mishap under Aaron's command.if his men thought that leaping foreword abruptly, crawling forward under a table with a vase of flowers or and climbing over the back of the couch before creeping up the stairs was strange,they didn't say.
air inside and leaned against the wall leading to the houses study. There was no one here. They had spent 20 precious minutes scoring the entire house which was utterly empty...except for the traps. What a waste Aaron thought as he stared up at the ceiling.

he had been chasing this guy for about three months now with no luck. Aron made a mental note to have a talk with the witnesses who had claimed that they had notice suspicious activity around here but first he was going to get something to eat and then sleep. three days without rest was taking a toll on his body. Aron yawned and then started to leave preparing himself for skirting around the traps they had passed earlier.he just taking a stepon the stairs when the phone in the study room rang. he and his men looked at each other confused. they had already cuts the power out to the house an hour ago.

Aron stood where he was for a good minute or two before he finally reluctantly turned around and ientered the study.it was usually against his policy to do something as stupid as pick up the phone considering it might be riggedbut there is nothing here for Mr. Silver to gain. he studied the phone for an extra 30 seconds while it rang insuring there were no extra wires or ttell tell signs of tampering before he finally picked up the phone. Aron drew in his breath and let out a long sigh. "Hello?" he finally asked.

"Well considering the defeated tone in your HELLO? you must be Detective Clemmings." The voice on the other side of the line answered. His tone sounded friendly. Aron resisted the urge to hang up on who he knew was Mr. Silver. "I have an empty house here, two dead men and no leads." Aron grumbled irritably. "Why wouldn't I be a little depressed?" Mr. Silver chuckled companiably. "Well you don't have to worry to much Mr. Detective." He admonished soothingly. "I only called to be sure you have made it in once piece." Aron frowned. That was an odd phrase. It sounded like it meant something. Mr. Silver gave him a few more seconds to work it out before hanging up.

Aron stood where he was as he thought hard. He put put the phone back on the hook still thinking. Empty house? Witnesses suddenly giving him a lead? admittedly he had gotten close to finding Mr. Silver a few times but it had always been a dead end. This had been his first real chance at catching him. The phone suddenly rang again, making Aron jump. Now what? He thought irritably as he picked it up again and put it to his ear. "Hello?" He demanded. The sound on the other side was low static at first and then he heard three beeps evenly spaced. Aron suddenly had a bad feeling. He dropped the phone and hastily turned to his men. The phone slid forward a little, still on and then they all heard a mechanical voice speak. It said one word: "Now." The color drained from his face and Aron didn't even have time to say "oh shit! everyone run!" before there was a flash of light and then blackness.
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