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The Comedy Club Contest entry
On my way to the bathroom I frantically raced through my inbox looking for lost email which was frantically looking for my address. My computer crashed into The Comedy Club Contest and I had to write about something funny. My new Christmas present insisted that I scratch it while holding it in my lap, then it jumped off my lap and used the kitty litter box. The door bell rang as I sang "how wet I'll be," and then I raced to see who was waiting for me to answer the door, still needing the bathroom before I could get there to take care of natures' call. There was no one standing at the door. The ghost beat me to the bathroom, I couldn't read my book, and fortunately I have a catheter and absorbent briefs, so the bathroom visit, would have to wait.

Now that the events of my frantic and hectic day are over, I am enjoying a nice warm and soothing cup of coffee
without a care in the world. I have no doubt and fully believe, everything is under control. Oh no! My
catheter is clogged, and now I've got to go to the bathroom!

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